Corporate responsibility

We’re using our skills, knowledge and experience to address some of the biggest social challenges of our time.

We believe business can and must do more to foster sustainable inclusive growth that benefits everyone, not just a few. More than doing business responsibly, that means applying our skills, knowledge and experience to help address society’s toughest challenges. This defines our approach to corporate responsibility at EY and it’s why we’ve created EY Ripples – a global platform that brings greater scale and sharper focus to our efforts to strengthen our communities.

Through our support for the next generation and impact entrepreneurs, we extend the value of EY knowledge, networks and services to people and places we might not otherwise reach. And by amplifying the social impact of the skills we use in our business every day, we’re starting a ripple effect that’s felt not only in our communities, but also across our organization.

In the Americas, our people are strengthening communities and creating shared value for the business world by supporting three areas of focus:

  • Supporting the next generation workforce by helping young and underserved people to develop the mindsets and skills they’ll need to find and sustain meaningful work
  • Working with impact entrepreneurs to scale small and growing businesses that are driving progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Accelerating environmental sustainability by adoption of behaviors, technologies and business models that protect and regenerate the environment while unlocking economic opportunity

This is the first step on a multi-year journey to positively affect the lives of millions of people. Because when 312,000 EY people feel inspired to start ripples – and theirs merge with those of other like-minded people and organizations – together, we can create huge waves of change.  

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