Crisis Management Services & Incident Response

Our Forensics Crisis Management Services team has deep experience helping clients navigate various crises – from dealing with sensitive regulatory investigations to accessing grants and federal funds around major events or data issues, we team across EY service lines to work with clients and their counsel every day to prepare for, respond to and remediate around important events.

Emerging Trends in Crisis Management

Today’s interconnected business landscape poses serious risk for sanctions exposure that can result in significant financial penalties and impact reputation. Newly imposed sanctions relating to Russia significantly ramp up this risk, affecting clients from all sectors and geographies. Crisis management and sanctions issues to consider include funds transference, loans, trade finance, correspondent banking, joint ventures, extended customer base, distribution and supply chain networks. Our global EY network can help protect your business from risk of a crisis and provide proactive solutions to remediate business disruption.

Sanctions compliance

Crisis management

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    EY Forensics Crisis Management Services and Incident Response team can help your organization proactively protect against risks as well as help manage any crisis that disrupts your business.

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    When discontented individuals or groups stand up against the actions of an organization


    Strikes, boycotts, protests, ultimatums



    When individuals or groups express anger toward or seek to gain from an organization


    Cyber attacks, product tampering, malicious rumors, espionage



    When organisations are impacted by the considered actions of their own people, or customers


    Fraud, corruption, money laundering



    When organizations are impacted by faults in their own systems or by human error


    Software failures, industrial accidents, oil spills



    When organizations are impacted by crises triggered by parties outside the organization


    War, terrorism, financial crises, regulatory or legislative change



    When organizations are impacted by environmental phenomena


    Storms, pandemics, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions

    Hidden crises


    Crises that are present in the organization but have not been detected (e.g., fraud, financial manipulation)

    Creeping crises


    Crises that are present, suspected or that develop slowly and are not taken seriously (e.g., regulatory change, cyber attacks)

    Sudden crises


    Crises that happen without warning and (often) beyond an organization’s control (e.g., disease, terrorism, product tampering)

    Bizarre crises


    Crises that are impossible to predict. (e.g., airplane crashing into office, food poisoning at C-suite retreat)

    Third-party risk management

    Companies are looking for expedited support to review third-party exposure based on Russia-related sanctions.

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