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Companies that embed the value of integrity in their strategic vision and day-to-day operations develop stronger businesses, sustain their long-term competitive advantage and deliver more value to shareholders.

EY Forensic & Integrity Services can provide the broad sector experience, deep subject-matter knowledge, the people, technologies, processes, tools and insights that help you to instil a culture of integrity in your business.

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What EY can do for you

With approximately 4,500 forensic professionals worldwide, we will assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with you and your legal counsel, offering the benefit of our broad sector experience, deep subject-matter knowledge and insights.

Investigations & Compliance

Our dedicated global team of investigators, forensic accountants, compliance and technology professionals help organizations respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery and other misconduct, as well as law enforcement and regulatory inquiries. Using advanced forensic technologies, we quickly gather facts and evidence to assess the extent of the issue and to help organizations manage relevant stakeholders. We support legal counsel by analyzing varying data sources to uncover links, patterns and anomalies and by presenting findings in legal proceedings.

Our professionals also work with companies and their legal counsel to refine risk assessments and tailor compliance programs to help put integrity at the heart of the organization. We aim to help companies create an ethical business culture focused on honesty, integrity and transparency that improves business performance and protects their brand. Leveraging forensic data analytics, we provide insights into employee behavioral patterns that can be used to develop customized compliance programs that align with the organization’s business and risk profile.

Claims & Disputes

We help companies and their legal counsel to prepare the calculations, analyses and strategies required for complex commercial disputes. By advising on the financial aspects of contracts and deals that often give rise to disputes, we also help reduce the risk of future problems before the deal is even signed. We support companies in effectively presenting their position on financial and commercial matters in arbitrations, court proceedings and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. We provide robust, unbiased, independent and expert testimony and opinions on a range of specialized matters that are critical to the outcome of disputes, by bringing together deep forensic competencies, sector insight and our extensive cumulative experience of advising on matters in most dispute resolution forums. Ultimately, we help safeguard the value of an organization’s business and help generate legitimate gain from their contracts and transactions.

Our Claims professionals also assist companies to recover financial losses through the preparation of commercial insurance claims and government grant applications following catastrophic losses. In the aftermath of fires, explosions, floods, windstorms, thefts, cyber intrusions and myriad catastrophic situations, organizations often need assistance strategizing how to both restore and document their recoverable financial losses. Our professionals have years of experience helping organizations recoup losses from insurance carriers, as well as, in the US, assisting local governments and not-for-profit organizations to pursue recovery funding through US federal disaster programs (e.g., FEMA, HUD). Utilizing EY Disaster Grant Management, we help organizations throughout the application process, from kickoff to closeout and eventually federal audit if needed.

Discovery Services

The diversity and dispersion of digital information continues to grow as the legal and regulatory environments become more challenging. Organizations are seeking end-to-end discovery solutions to help them manage legal and compliance risks and also to reduce cost. From pre-litigation information management to post-matter data disposition, our team’s qualifications, experience and scale enable us to offer services across the entire discovery life cycle. We have significant experience in managing high-profile, complex legal and regulatory responses and investigations. Our Discovery, information governance and forensic professionals can help answer the “who, what, where, when and how” questions that help organizations meet their discovery and compliance needs.

We are committed to protecting an organization’s information assets. We have established global operational guidelines about handling of company data and are supported by dedicated resources from EY General Counsel’s Global Data Privacy team. EY has established Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) to comply with EU and other relevant data protection and privacy regulations and laws. In many cases, particularly under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, BCRs allows us to undertake cross-border data transfer, which ultimately leads to economic efficiency and better quality control via centralized processing and review. Find out more.

Forensic Data Analytics 

Forensic Data Analytics (FDA) is a critical element of nearly every way in which we support organizations — whether an investigation, the digitalization of compliance, forensic diligence or a complex litigation matter. Our FDA professionals are experienced in machine learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation, and have extensive industry sector experience. We assist organizations to detect and investigate instances of fraud, waste, misuse, abuse, corruption and other forms of non-compliance.

Our team’s qualifications, experience and scale enable us to provide decision-makers with the factual evidence and insights they need to manage integrity risks, lower the cost of compliance and increase business transparency.  

In addition, leveraging a customized, repeatable and cost-effective framework, we assist organizations through managed services to address ongoing compliance risks and rapidly respond to regulatory scrutiny. Taking a “security-by-design” approach, we offer multiple data hosting options, all of which have multiple layers of physical and virtual security and direct connectivity to EY computer forensic labs in more than 30 countries. Find out more.

Transaction Forensics

Our Transaction Forensics professionals assist organizations and legal counsel in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks inherent to mergers and acquisition transactions. They possess deep experience in anti-corruption due diligence, both pre- and post-close, as well as related investigations and compliance matters. In addition, they are proficient in conducting in-depth risk analyses of fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, restrictions on trade and export, related-party transactions, and conflicts of interest. We have global capabilities and resources to address potential issues in transactions across all geographies and industries. Find out more.

Insurance & Federal Claims Services

EY Insurance & Federal Claims Services assists clients in recovering financial losses through the preparation of both commercial insurance claims and federal disaster grants. IFCS helps clients recover money from insurance carriers and assists local governments and not-for-profit organizations (e.g., hospitals and universities) pursue recovery through federal disaster grant programs sponsored by FEMA, HUD and others. These services are regularly provided to both audit and non-audit clients. Utilizing our EY Disaster Grant Manager program, we have the technology to help manage the process, from the kickoff meeting through the closeout and OIG audit. Find out more.

Government Contract Services

Whether interacting with the federal government through contracts, grants or via government-run programs, business success often depends on a robust and reliable combination of people, processes and systems. Knowing that you have these resources and capabilities squarely in place and operating as intended is essential to achieving an economically viable, efficient and compliant outcome.

The federal government’s vast financial reach into most markets creates a seemingly endless number of rewarding business opportunities for companies in all sectors of the economy. But unlike most customers, doing business with the federal government means working within a highly structured environment coupled with stringent laws and regulations that collectively pose a unique set of challenges to companies. For over 35 years, we have been assisting entities in virtually every industry sector navigate the intricate and ever-changing rules, regulations and compliance requirements specific to many of the US government's largest agencies and programs.

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