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As evolving buying habits and brand preferences transform the consumer journey, consumer products and retail companies must find the right balance between meeting the needs of the consumer today and growth for tomorrow.

Disruptive technologies, new business models and agile market entrants are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy and how they live. In this complex environment, consumer products and retail companies must employ a dual-focus on protecting what they have and establishing a path for the future.

Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers must rethink how and where to serve the smart consumer. They must build the capabilities to put data at the heart of the organization underpinned by a technology ecosystem that creates the agility to respond to changing market dynamics. Their supply chain must evolve into a transparent demand-response network. Their finance organizations must manage costs to fund future transformations. Their cyber defenses must adapt the highest levels of security to build consumer trust and enable innovation with confidence. And all of this must be actioned with sustainability at the core.

We consult with consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to explore, identify and implement the right balance of bold strategic choices that will sustain their business today and transform it for growth tomorrow.


With the increased frequency of regional and global disruption, consumers have become more fluid and shifted how they make purchase decisions. They have placed increased emphasis on experiences, particularly those that improve their life. This, balanced with affordability concerns as well as preferences for sustainable, transparent and local goods, creates greater focus on the value retailers and consumer goods companies provide. No matter the sector – food & beverage, apparel, health and personal care, etc. – all companies are experiencing the impact of a consumer-centric marketplace, more highly connected ecosystems and planet-friendly priorities. The retail and consumer goods companies that lead on addressing the disruptions will shape our future industry.



Consumer Convergence Trends with Reuters

As companies rethink their value propositions and business models, this mini-series explores the blurring lines between consumer products, retail and other consumer-facing industries.

The space between consumers and convergence

With so many consumer-facing industries merging, it can be tempting to chase the trend. Lokesh Ohri explains why this is a mistake.

The space between consumer and health

Consumers expect retailers and brands to address all parts of their lives, including their health and wellness needs. Jason Barnes and Miguel Duarte discuss the creation of a dedicated consumer health sector and what companies should consider as these two industries converge.

The space between retail and technology

The recent boom in retail media networks is just one example of the convergence taking place across the retail and technology industries. Isaac Krakovsky and Nuno Leal talk about the role of direct-to-consumer, and how retailers and tech players can crack the convergence code leveraging data.


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