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Market turbulence brought on by COVID-19 has contributed to disruptions across all facets of life sciences organizations, including the pressure to rapidly perform, transform and respond all at the same time. Staying competitive while meeting patient demands requires life sciences organizations to find new ways of working. Forming alliances with others to share data, medicine and resources while anticipating trends and regulatory changes will help bring sustainability in the increasingly evidence-based, outcomes-focused sector.

We help companies across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology fields harness this disruption by better allocating resources and building trust with customers, especially during times of volatility. Our people understand how to navigate market progressions that challenge the capital strategy of every link in the life sciences value chain, from R&D and supply chain to product launch, salesforce management and patient-centric operating models – where we can help achieve sustainable success.

Consumer Health

A broad spectrum of products and services that empower the consumer to take ownership of their health and wellness.

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Supply Chain reinvention for Life Sciences organizations

Transform your supply chain by creating a sustainable architecture that leverages digital technologies and drives out costs.

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Personalized digital experiences from content to commerce

Learn how EY teams are helping Merck Animal Health transform its direct-to-consumer platform, creating a personalized digital experience for pet-owners, integrating Adobe Commerce and building a foundation for future growth.

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