An Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) conducted by the EY QUEST practice enables leaders to communicate the impact of their activities to stakeholders. These studies can be used to engage with regulators, legislators, the media and the public around potential contributions of a project, program, policy, company or industry to a region’s jobs, income, GDP and tax revenue.

The EY QUEST practice conducts EIAs for companies, developers, industry associations and governments. These analyses quantify the economic linkages between different sectors of the economy at the local, state, and/or national levels.

What an EIA can do for you

Economic impact analysis assists leaders with communicating to internal and external stakeholders, such as the media, policymakers or the local community. EY QUEST deliverables are created to be understood by the general public, media, investors and policymakers at every level of government.

An EIA estimates the jobs created, wages earned and contribution to gross domestic product directly from a company, development project, government program or an entire industry. Indirect and induced effects include the jobs, wages and gross domestic product that result from supplier purchases and the spending of workers and suppliers. These analyses can also estimate the tax impact/contribution (federal, state and local) generated from economic activities.

Beyond exclusive insights and commitment to quality, EY QUEST further distinguishes itself from standard EIAs through its rigorous proprietary models that estimate macroeconomic effects, social impacts, decarbonization initiatives and health equity outcomes. These models provide leaders with the detailed knowledge they need to build a better working world.

EY QUEST commitment to quality and our interdisciplinary team enables us to work collaboratively to provide the research, data, and analysis for clients to navigate the critical decisions that they face.

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