Boost your strategy with digital and emerging technologies for business 

EY-Parthenon can help companies change the course of their business and gain a competitive advantage with investments in venture building, software, advanced data analytics and disruptive technologies. We work with you from strategy to implementation, so that every dollar invested to exponentially impact profitable growth. Learn about our emerging technology solutions and how we help clients.

How EY-Parthenon can help

With a combination of venture builders, data scientists and engineers, we can help you bring digital to the core of your business, get the most out of your data and measure the impact of emerging technologies on your organization. Select a section below to learn more.

Venture building

We build new breakthrough businesses that can outpace the competition and drive concerted P&L impact and total shareholder return. We can reimagine the anatomy of your businesses to either turbocharge your core or build new businesses. We assist clients across the journey, starting with breakthrough idea generation to deliver impact at scale.

Software strategy

We help investors, tech companies and non-tech businesses acquire software-native and software-enabled companies. We also work with software companies to develop growth strategies and address their most complex commercial, product, technical and R&D challenges.

Advanced analytics

We empower organizations to make more confident investment decisions by using cutting-edge analytics — artificial intelligence, mathematical optimization and advanced modeling and simulation — to bring rigor, precision and certainty.

Read our clients’ stories

Using advanced analytics to clear production roadblocks

  •  Client challenge

    A food company couldn’t keep up with a sharp increase in demand because its off-the-shelf planning system couldn’t predict the surge. It was faced with either turning away orders or making significant capital expenditures to quickly expand capacity.

     How we helped

    We built a custom model leveraging advanced mathematical optimization to use the current production capacity more efficiently, optimizing which products were manufactured on which production lines. The model better predicted SKU-production line combinations to meet both customer demand and complex production requirements.

     Client benefits
    • $50 million in annual profit improvement
    • Hundreds of millions of pounds of incremental capacity without additional capex
    • Better scenario analysis of future needs

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How disruptive tech can make DNA sales safer and less expensive

  •  Client challenge

    Synthetic DNA is a crucial ingredient in biopharma and biotech treatments, but the standard manual safety screening process used by DNA sellers was slow and had limited ability to detect orders that should not be fulfilled. This costly, time-consuming process was cutting into margins and straining companies’ ability to adhere to regulatory requirements.

    ▉ How we helped

    Combining life sciences industry and technology knowledge with artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing abilities, our team supported the design and implementation of automated, rapid DNA screening systems. The screenings became faster, more accurate and able to screen orders of novel and previously uncharacterized DNA.

     Client benefits
    • 60%+ increase in screening process efficiency
    • Significant cost savings
    • Easier to use framework encouraged broad implementation across the industry, increased access to order screening and helped improve supply chain security and delivery.

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How new digital strategies helped a staffing leader stay on top

  •  Client challenge

    A staffing industry leader was losing market share to digitally savvy competitors. They needed a better way to connect digitally with candidates, fill positions faster, and acquire and retain talent. Their goal was to grow and defend market share while also entering new market segments, including the untapped gig economy.

     How we helped

    We helped reimagine their business model to improve their customers’ online experience and developed a three-year digital roadmap expected to have a positive P&L impact. The de-risked plan included a mobile solution, enhanced customer journeys, an omnichannel strategy and a technology components roadmap.

     Client benefits
    • Double-digit profitability increase expected with options to build, buy and partner to accelerate growth 
    • Has the ability to become a digitally enabled talent provider to rapidly match and retain top talent for its clients

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How an industrial company’s software strategy opened new markets

  •  Client challenge

    A century-old industrial company was losing customers to competitors selling software that could better track machinery health and inventory. The company quickly needed new software that could ingest data from many sources to help customers predict when machinery needed maintenance.

     How we helped

    The company acquired a cloud-based software business. EY-Parthenon teams determined the existing software platform was beyond repair and that “building” it in-house would take too long. The R&D team was also not up-to-speed on the modern programming languages needed to create a new platform.

     Client benefits
    • Revenue doubled, the company expanded to multiple countries in Asia and the acquisition was completed within a year
    • Executives also started raising technical issues to leadership sooner, enabling the company to better serve customers

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Meet the team

Anand Ganapathy

EY-Parthenon Venture Building Leader
Digital technologist, venture builder, M&A specialist, P&L architect and F1 enthusiast.
New York, USA

Jeff Vogel

EY-Parthenon Americas Software Strategy Group Leader
Advisor to top PE firms and software companies. Provides guidance for driving value across product, technology and R&D strategy. Navigates the software economy.
Boston, USA

Khalid Khan

EY Americas Strategy and Transactions AI Leader
Harnesses the power of data and mathematics to drive purpose-led, sustainable transformation for clients. Avid traveler. Proud father.
Chicago, USA

Praveen Arivazhagan

Chief Venture Builder and EY-Parthenon Americas Venture Building Leader
Venture builder, P&L architect, innovator, storyteller.
New York, USA

Allie O'Rourke

EY-Parthenon Principal, Software Strategy Group, Ernst & Young LLP
Passionate about strategy and the software economy.
Boston, USA

Traci Gusher

EY Americas Data and Analytics Leader
Uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to bring value to clients’ challenging issues and opportunities. Experienced triathlete. Passionate about animal rescue and cancer research.
Philadelphia, USA

Thomas Armel

EY-Parthenon Principal, Quantitative Strategies and Solutions, Ernst & Young LLP
Dedicated to translating technical experience and analytical approaches into real-work solutions for clients. Devoted husband. Proud father. Weekend warrior.
Denver, USA

Ashley Arigoni

EY-Parthenon Senior Director, Quantitative Strategies and Solutions, Ernst & Young LLP
Providing clients with quantitative solutions through advanced optimization methods. Mom. Runner. Skier. Outdoor enthusiast.
Denver, USA

Colleen Reiche

EY-Parthenon Senior Director, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP
Passionate about combining science and collaboration to enable the future of aviation and mobility. Weather guru. Race car driver.
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