Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST)

The Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST) team provides rigorous research, economic consulting, statistical consulting and survey design services to help clients make key data-driven decisions across a broad range of issues.

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Our interdisciplinary QUEST team, based primarily in Washington, DC, brings together nearly 60 economists, statisticians and business analysts, many with deep industry and government experience and advanced degrees. We provide data-driven results and insights for technical and nontechnical audiences. Our customized analyses use recognized research approaches supported by proprietary tools that reflect client-specific facts and circumstances.

Our suite of quantitative analytics services includes:

  • Federal, state and local tax and economic policy analysis
  • Government revenue and expenditure forecasting
  • Public financial management
  • International development
  • Program evaluation
  • Economic, fiscal and social impact studies
  • Business location analytics and workforce analysis
  • Survey design and analytics
  • Statistical sampling and data analytics

Our professionals combine the latest economic research, data and quantitative methods to analyze the impacts of policy, regulatory and economic changes at the national, state, local and global levels. We use the data we gather to build economic models identifying possible outcomes. Our economic analysis and policy offerings include:

  • Federal, state, local and global tax and spending policy analyses that draw on our deep government experience
  • Economic and social impact and/or contribution analyses that draw on our deep understanding of regional economics to quantify the total value chain of a project, company or industry
  • International development economic and fiscal analyses that draw on deep experience advising government and donor organizations on a broad range of issues
  • Regional competitiveness and business-climate analyses that evaluate tax, labor costs, cost of capital and other business considerations
  • Macroeconomic modeling and forecasting to capture the impact of policy changes on businesses, industries and markets, as well as broader economic impacts
  • Climate and social impact modeling to support ESG-related communications and strategy

QUEST statisticians help implement statistically valid and scientifically defensible approaches to support business positions so that clients need to spend only a fraction of the effort required to fully review a set of business records.

QUEST survey professionals help organizations better understand their network, employees, members and clients through customized web-based survey instruments and reporting platforms. Our survey services, based on rigorous survey design and analytics include:

  • Questionnaire design and review
  • Web programming
  • Data collection
  • Targeted follow-up
  • Editing and imputation
  • Statistic weighting
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Statistical modeling
  • Report generation

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