Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) Transformation

Companies are switching to selling their offerings using as-a-service subscription and consumption models. It’s a seismic shift that can generate dramatically higher value – but also requires profound change throughout the business. EY can help your business navigate smoothly to its as-a-service future.

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Customers crave digital experiences that are personalized. How do you customize your tech offering to meet their needs in an increasingly competitive market?

We can help you unleash the power of technology transformation across your entire business, bringing the digital and physical worlds together.

We don’t stop at making your existing capabilities better. Instead, we help transform your entire business, customize your tech suite and integrate new, holistic software platforms. We help redefine how you do business. And we more accurately tailor and target your offerings for what your customers want.

Tech companies are rapidly migrating to subscription and consumption models – but have much to do to increase their readiness. Companies face key operational, financial and strategic challenges as they consider making the transition.

When changing your business model, some of the issues to consider are:

  • Consolidation and convergence
  • Frictionless service delivery
  • Product pricing and bundling
  • Sales transformation and incentives
  • Key performance indicators, accounting and revenue management

Companies must also consider areas such as new investments, underlying data infrastructure changes, shifting personnel skillsets and new reporting structures.

Is your organization prepared to meet the demands of this new competitive landscape?

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