EY Young Tax Professional of the Year

EY Young Tax Professional of the Year is an international competition designed to reward and foster the next generation of tax leaders.

EY young tax person of the year

The local competition

This is the opportunity to take your career further, faster.

Do you want to see the business world in global terms? Do you want to learn to work with people from around the world and learn how business is done in different cultures? All of this while learning new skills that are expected of tomorrow's leaders?

This is what the Young Tax Professional of the Year competition is all about

The first phase of the competition takes place in your local country where you study.

During the first round we will challenge your technical abilities and wider commercial strengths — do well here against some of the best minds in your country and you will become a country finalist. As a country finalist, you will represent your country at the Young Tax Professional of the Year international final.

    The international final

    The Young Tax Professional of the Year 2019 competition will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in November. During the four-day international final, the successful country finalists will work closely with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

    Participants will be challenged with case studies and interviews before experienced judges. The finalists will be invited to a prestigious awards ceremony where — after a final review of performance throughout the competition — the three winners of the Young Tax Professional of the Year will be announced.

    Inclusive Leadership Award

    The Inclusive Leadership Award is one of four awards presented by EY as part of the Young Tax Professional of the Year program. The award recognizes those who understand the value of difference as a driver of performance, embrace a collaborative leadership style; and find ways to support difference.

    EY young tax person of the year finalists

    Prizes that last a lifetime

    More than just a trophy

    Just entering the competition will give you the opportunities, confidence and platform to launch your career. No matter where you choose to work.

    But for the three finalists, there are added rewards, including:

    1st prize: A 30-day round-the-world business trip built around 10-day working visits to key EY area tax centers in London, New York and Hong Kong.

    2nd prize: A 10-day visit to one of EY's Tax Centers.

    3rd prize: An invitation to take part in one of our exceptional EY international client conferences, where you will rub shoulders with some of our finest partners and most valued clients.

    Young tax person of the year dinner

    How to take part

    The Young Tax Professional of the Year Award is open to all students studying undergraduate (year three or four), postgraduate or Masters courses at participating institutions around the world.

    For more information about your local country competition, select your country below for more details.

    Participating countries 2019-2020

    • Australia

      Applications open 25-03-2019
      Applications close 21-04-2019
      Country competition date 30-05-2019
      Location for country competition Melbourne, Australia
      What participants will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finalists received a tax internship. 1st place will attend the global YTPY competition.
      Eligibility Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who are currently enrolled in university and due to complete their degree between 2020 and 2022
    • Austria

      Applications open 06-09-2018
      Applications close 15-10-2018
      Country competition date 18-06-2019
      Location for country competition Austria
      What participants will win Travel voucher
      Eligibility Master students from Vienna Business School of Economics only
    • China

      Applications open 05-11-2018
      Applications close 30-11-2018
      Country competition date 30-03-2019
      Location for country competition Shanghai
      What participants will win Internship
      • Undergraduate and postgraduate students 
      • PRC citizens 
    • Egypt

      Applications open 15-09-2019
      Applications close 10-10-2019
      Country competition date 28 & 29 October 2019 (TBC)
      Location for country competition Cairo, Egypt
      What participants will win Internship
      Eligibility Graduating students – Egyptian national. Accounting and Finance students. 
    • Germany

      Applications open 15-04-2019
      Applications close 02-06-2019
      Country competition date 20 & 21 Jun 2019
      Location for country competition Hamburg, Germany
      What participants will win Undergraduate students
      Eligibility Female/Male, undergraduate students
    • India GDS

      Applications open 17-07-2019
      Applications close 04-08-2019
      Country competition date 20-09-2019
      Location for country competition Bangalore, India
      What participants will win A laptop, potential internship opportunity at GDS location & opportunity to represent EY GDS at the Global finals hosted in Amsterdam
      Eligibility Students of 2nd year undergraduate and post graduates from the identified 23 colleges / universities
    • Japan

      Applications open 10-05-2019
      Applications close 15-07-2019
      Country competition date 12-07-2019
      Location for country competition Tokyo
      What Participants will win Internship/Prize money
      Eligibility Undergraduate students; citizens or students studying in Japan
    • Malaysia

      Applications open 26-03-2019
      Applications close 16-08-2019
      Country competition date 02-10-2019
      Location for country competition Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      What participants will win

      1st prize: Paid internship of no less than 8 weeks or conditional offer of employment with EY office in Malaysia

      • Represent Malaysia in the international competition
      • RM 8,000.00 cash prize

      2nd prize: Paid internship of no less than 8 weeks or conditional offer of employment with EY office in Malaysia

      • Stand-by participation in the international competition
      • RM 6,000.00 cash prize

      3rd prize: Paid internship of no less than 8 weeks or conditional offer of employment with EY office in Malaysia

      • RM 3,000.00 cash prize
      • Malaysian undergraduate and post graduate students, studying in local or foreign universities or colleges
      • Full-time students pursuing professional qualifications as at 27 November 2019
      • Undergraduates/students who may have graduated or completed their professional exams in 2019 but have not commenced full-time employment as at 27 November 2019
    • Netherlands

      Applications open 09-01-2019
      Applications close 21-02-2019
      Country competition date 12-05-2019
      Location for country competition Netherlands
      What participants will win Participation to the YPTY 
      Eligibility Tax Law students
    • Russia

      Applications open 08-08-2019
      Applications close 23-09-2019
      Country competition date 24-10-2019
      Location for country competition Moscow
      What participants will win Money prizes
      Eligibility Undergraduate students (senior years) and recent graduates with specialization in Economics, Tax,  Accountancy, Finance, Mathematics or Law; knowledge of English from Intermediate level
    • South Africa

      Applications open 22-07-2019
      Applications close 02-08-2019
      Country competition date 05-09-2019
      Location for country competition Johannesburg
      What participants will win Internship
      Eligibility Currently studying with no formal work experience 
    • Sweden

      Applications open Expected to open in January/February 2020
      Applications close Expected to close by the end of February 2020
      Country competition date Expected to take place in March/April 2020
      Location for country competition  Stockholm
      What participants will win
      1. Employment contract flexible with regards to SSL and start date plus SEK 20,000 and a place in the global final
      2. Internship plus SEK 15,000
      3. Internship plus SEK 10,000
      Eligibility In general open for all, recommended to be at the end of university studies with a focus on tax law and/or business/economics. More or less mandatory to be very good in Swedish and English. 


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