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Vi hjälper dig att hantera utmaningarna till följd av covid-19, ESG och andra störande händelser. I dessa kritiska och komplexa situationer hjälper vi dig att återhämtas och bevara värde för en bättre, hållbar framtid.

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Vad kan EY hjälpa dig med?

Vi levererar lösningar i snabb takt och stödjer våra kunder medan de återhämtar sig, driver sin verksamhet och genomgår förbättringar. Oavsett om det gäller noterade eller privata företag, statliga institutioner, investerare eller finansiella intressenter arbetar vi nära våra kunder med fokus på utförande för att transformera finansiella och/eller operativa resultat. Vi har omfattande erfarenhet av krishantering för att hjälpa kunder att återhämta sig, bevara och skapa värde.

Vi erbjuder praktiskt stöd som hjälper dig att svara på följande frågor:

  • Hur kan jag skapa ett effektivt team för krishantering och få bättre kontroll över situationen?
  • Hur kan jag bygga upp och säkra likviditeten och hantera störningar i finansiering och verksamhet?
  • Hur kan jag synliggöra potentiella affärsrisker som uppstår till följd av covid-19 och ge tydliga rekommendationer om åtgärder?
  • Hur kan jag skydda verksamhetens kontinuitet?
  • Vem kan hjälpa mig att utveckla en handlingsplan för återuppbyggnad, skaffa kapital som stödjer planen och förhandla med mina intressenter?

Vi erbjuder det stöd du behöver för att uppnå dina mål:

  • Rapid performance improvement

    Most businesses are likely to experience operational challenges and underperformance at some point. While the root causes can be buried, the negative impact can be highly visible — profit warnings, declining performance metrics, failure to achieve project milestones, loss of customer contracts or management departures.

    Whether a business is in crisis or is simply facing an operational challenge, our team is experienced in helping management teams identify and prioritize the most critical issues, stabilize the business, establish a leadership and stakeholder consensus around the solution, and deliver tangible results quickly.

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  • Private equity value creation

    Our hands-on value creation leaders help PE companies (and sponsors) deliver their investment case by accelerating cash and profit improvements, from ideation to results. We prioritize our involvement to focus on situations we know best: complex carve-outs, functional transformations, and instances of stress or distress.

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  • Improving liquidity and working capital

    The adage that “cash is king” is more relevant today than ever. Dynamic and disrupted markets, geopolitical uncertainty, and ever-growing corporate transparency are putting increasing pressure on companies’ liquidity and cash flows. Many management teams struggle to sustain good control over short-term cash flows and the working capital that drives them, leaving the business vulnerable to market and operational changes.

    We have experience supporting the complete spectrum of companies, whether a successful business seeking to enhance shareholder value or an organization experiencing a cash crisis. We help you develop the three main ingredients of strong working capital management: identification of cash-generating opportunities, cash flow forecasting, and visibility and control through our advanced digital analytical techniques.

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Value preservation

  • Leading the restructuring/turnaround

    Restructuring or turning around an organization brings many challenges on top of the daily demands of running a business, for example: managing competing agendas, creating time to develop options, knowing which option is the right one when information may be imperfect and executing decisions at pace to maintain stakeholder support in a stressed environment.

    We create understanding, alignment and support with internal and external stakeholders. We focus on actions that help to deliver transformational outcomes and can provide interim management solutions to help you deliver results.

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  • Preserving stakeholder value

    Stakeholders are asked to respond quickly when businesses underperform, or suffer liquidity shortfalls or value erosion. We help provide support in a rapidly changing environment when information is incomplete, agendas no longer align and confidence is reduced.

    We work with all stakeholders to preserve, create and realize value through restructuring advice, critical appraisal of a company’s ongoing viability, stakeholder intermediation, options analysis and entity priority analysis.

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  • Debt restructuring, raising capital and M&A

    Preserving value for a company and its stakeholders often requires a reshaping of the capital structure and assets in the portfolio. This is often achieved by a combination of financial restructuring and liability management, together with M&A activities to dispose of non-core assets and potentially source new equity. EY professionals are experienced in helping you analyze, structure, negotiate with stakeholders and execute the best possible solution.

    In the USA, Ernst & Young Capital Advisors, LLC (EYCA) is a registered broker-dealer and member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA: and offers investment banking services with access to EY debt restructuring, M&A, debt capital markets and equity capital markets professionals across the globe.

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Value recovery

  • Contingency planning and insolvency solutions

    Most restructurings need a “Plan B” — whether as a contingency plan to provide comfort for directors and stakeholders or, alternatively, for financial stakeholders to create a credible “stick” to break the deadlock and help all parties reach a consensual deal. In particularly challenging situations, when directors and businesses are facing increasing risks and challenges to continued trading, we create the time, space and environment to develop and deliver the right solutions.

    We work with management and financial stakeholders to use the pace, protection, powers and flexibility available under insolvency laws to address the issues threatening a business’ survival. We use contingency planning and insolvency solutions to create restructuring legacies by increasing the chance of a consensual restructuring through a credible “Plan B,” delivering a rescue that could not otherwise be achieved, preserving and recovering value, stabilizing critical services, and protecting jobs or by providing a controlled exit.

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  • Simplifying your corporate structure

    Group structures can become increasingly complex through M&As, JVs and organic growth. This can lead to increased costs, as well as difficulties managing risk, simplifying operations, improving transparency and complying with changing regulations.

    We have experience supporting the complete spectrum of organizations, whether large multinational companies seeking to reduce their global entity footprint, or a small domestic organization looking to remove a single entity from its structure for a specific purpose. Our team integrates restructuring, tax and financial advisory knowledge to help organizations assess, rationalize and simplify their legal entity structures across the following key phases of corporate simplification: setup, group complexity analysis, program management, due diligence, and issue resolution and entity eliminations.

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