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EY’s Attractiveness program highlights the FDI attractiveness of markets across the globe – helping public sector and business leaders to make economically sound strategy and policy decisions.

European Attractiveness

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EY Attractiveness reports

EY's Attractiveness program focuses on insights derived from understanding growth from a foreign direct investment (FDI) perspective into countries and regions across the globe. The surveys use custom-designed methodology and explore both developed and emerging markets. The program helps public sector and business leaders to make economically sound strategy and policy decisions — and ultimately helps us to build a better working world.


Foreign investment into Africa recovered in 2017, in line with stronger overall economic growth. (October 2018)

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Amid Brexit, one way Europe can stay attractive to investors is by fixing digital skills shortages, according to our Attractiveness Survey. (December 2018)

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2017 was the Nordics' most successful FDI year to date, and growth outperformed Europe’s for the second straight year. (August 2018)

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Reports by country


With the UK still ahead despite Brexit, Austria saw a decline in foreign direct investment in 2017. (June 2018)

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2017 was a record foreign investment year for Belgium, with 215 FDI projects accounting for around 5,838 jobs. (June 2018)

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France’s attractiveness to foreign investors recovered significantly in 2017 and the start of 2018 and it regained its place among Europe’s FDI leaders. (June 2018)

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France Industrial investors

The 2018 France Industrial Attractiveness Survey report is an overview of foreign investors’ perception of the industry in France, a mixture of trust and reticence.

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Foreign investments in Germany rose to record levels in 2017, but the UK stayed ahead in the tables. (June 2018)

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Despite a slight decline, three out of four investors still believe Malta remains attractive to their business. (October 2018)

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International investors’ confidence in the Netherlands again increased in 2017, adding to optimism about its economy. (June 2018)

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Portugal's economy grew in 2017, with its solid international trade and FDI performance among Europe’s best. (June 2018)

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Foreign investors put up capital in 238 projects in Russia in 2017 – a record since the survey launched in 2010. (May 2018)

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Scotland set a new record for FDI projects in 2017 for the third consecutive year, with a 7% increase on 2016. (June 2018)

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Swiss companies invested more than ever in other European countries in 2017, but inward investment declined. (June 2018)

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United Kingdom

The UK remained Europe’s number one FDI destination in 2017, despite Brexit and technological change. (June 2018)

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United Kingdom Financial Services Investors

While the UK still took most of Europe’s FS inward investment in 2017, its projects declined 26%, as total European FS investment grew 13%. (June 2018)

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