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EY and SAP help power the intelligent enterprise for the Transformation Age. The combination of EY’s industry and business acumen and business transformation capabilities with SAP’s advanced technology solutions can help organizations gain the intelligence and agility needed to thrive in this era of extraordinary change.

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In the Transformative Age, a winning business depends on intelligence-powered operations. Organizations must be able to quickly and effortlessly respond to threats and capitalize on emerging opportunities while being able to see and prepare for what’s ahead. That takes a deep and real-time understanding of the business – one that enables them to see at a glance what’s working and what’s not, and to make informed business decisions to drive efficiency and growth. Building such an intelligent enterprise takes more than technology implementation. Often it takes end-to-end transformation.

EY and SAP: Intelligence. Realized.

EY’s Agile Business Transformation enabled by SAP technology can help organizations address challenges in the digital era. Our EY SAP collaborative approach focuses on more than technology alone. We take a comprehensive, business-first view to address strategy, customer value, user experiences, processes, technology and operational impacts in tandem.

EY and SAP help power of the intelligent enterprise for the Transformation Age. The combination of EY’s industry and business acumen and business transformation capabilities with SAP’s advanced technology solutions can help organizations gain the intelligence and agility needed to thrive in this era of extraordinary change

The ever-evolving Agile Business Transformation solutions that EY and SAP have co-created are material in scale, size and investment. The multiplying effect of that joint investment – including the talent, technology and overall power of EY – also means that we can solve big problems quickly, effectively and with minimum client risk. Furthermore, our diverse teams enable us to ask better questions and we collaborate to co-create innovative answers. Together, we help our clients to design better outcomes and realize long-lasting results from their digital transformations, from strategy right through to execution.

Agile Business Transformation: An outcomes-based digital transformation service.

New digital technology is impacting organizations in all sectors, affecting every function from strategy through to operations, and creating both opportunities and threats. Connectivity is the new norm and the pace of change is faster than anything we have seen before. Organizations are ill-equipped to deal with these new realities, however, even though being able to adapt and keep up with the new digital revolution is critical for organizational survival.

Outcomes-based digital transformation

Aging infrastructure and disparate legacy systems are preventing businesses across the globe from using new technologies to better integrate their operations. Our end-to-end, outcomes-based digital transformation service, Agile Business Transformation, enables our clients to address these challenges. Agile Business Transformation uses SAP’s cloud-based, next-generation ERP platforms to enhance businesses’ agility, insight and speed of innovation while protecting their core activities and processes.

The EY and SAP Agile Business Transformation service offers:

  • Agile Business Customer – the total reinvention of customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Agile Business Finance – a solution that underpins the transformation of the finance function
  • Agile Business People – a service that supports the transformation of the workforce to make it fit for the future
  • Agile Business Risk – an agile and digitalized risk management approach that extends far beyond the identification and mitigation of risk
  • Agile Business Supply Chain – an enabler of more efficient supply chain execution

Agile Business Transformation can help your organization to harness digital disruption and realize adaptive, more sustainable transformation outcomes using the SAP S/4 HANA suite and SAP Activate. This outcomes-based offering combines speed to innovate with the agility to respond to disruptive change, while protecting the core of the business. Transformation in the digital era is not a state of being – it is a journey with EY and SAP.

We can help your organization to become more agile, overcome challenges and achieve better, faster results within the digital economy.

  • Agile Business Customer: The ultimate in customer relationship management.

    Consumer behavior is changing. In 2018, an estimated $2.5 trillion was spent on online retail sales globally, with nearly one in four online shoppers shopping online at least once a week. Furthermore, customer expectations are rising all the time, leading both B2C and B2B businesses to focus more on customer experience.

    To keep up, organizations need to maximize the value that they gain from digital channels and make use of their exponentially increasing pools of data to gain valuable insights into their customers. Big data and analytics will be key to delivering relevant and valuable customer content in future. Organizations must transfer to a simplified IT architecture to take full advantage of these technologies, however.

    EY’s Agile Business Customer offering is enabled by SAP Hybris Marketing and the Customer Experience Suite. It aims to bring the customer’s vision of how business should be done close to reality. This is achieved through significant changes to customer applications and a purpose-led approach to transformation.

    We use the EY Agile Marketing Business Calculator to assess your organization’s current situation and then work with you to identify which modules should be implemented in each phase of the implementation road map.

  • Agile Business Finance: Improving the efficiency of finance functions.

    More and more financial data is available to organizations, yet few really understand how to get the most value out of it. So it is down to finance professionals to adopt the new technological tools and advanced business processes that will give decision-makers the instant insights they need.

    Agile Business Finance uses the capability of SAP S/4HANA Finance to improve the efficiency of our clients’ finance functions. We work with our clients to define and implement innovative solutions for their business challenges, including general ledger migration, revenue recognition and transfer pricing.

  • Agile Business People: The basis for making strategic workforce decisions.

    Complex legacy systems are shackling HR teams with multiple, fragmented tools that deny them a holistic view of their entire global workforce. Pressures associated with compliance, cost and transparency demand increased HR process automation, simplification and standardization. Organizations need to modernize their recruitment processes to reflect the role of online channels in recruitment. Finally, as employees expect to be able to work flexibly and remotely, organizations also need to employ effective cloud solutions that offer a high degree of security.

    EY’s Agile Business People offering combines our leading global people advisory capability with a proven SAP SuccessFactors implementation methodology and highly experienced consultants.

    • Planning for payroll of the future with SAP technology

      Digital transformation is one of the top priorities for today’s leaders and affects all aspects of a company’s operations, including payroll.
      Size: 1 MB
    • The new age: artificial intelligence for human resource opportunities and functions

      Humans and learning machines are working together to produce an ever-increasing amount of HR data in the cloud, and the use of artificial intelligence analyses offer better insight into how to execute and operate.
      Size: 829 KB
    • Data dimension framework: Considerations in tracking diversity and inclusiveness

      For companies wishing to stay ahead of competitors in the turbulence that is the 21st century, little more can be of greater overall benefit to their performance than undertaking changes in their HR spaces.
      Size: 1 MB
  • Agile Business Risk: Transform into an agile, resilient and secure organization.

    As the digital economy evolves, it is leading to an increase in both the volume and the value of data held by organizations. The result is that the likelihood of a data breach, and the potential for it to cause serious damage, are greater than ever before. Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) functions are struggling to keep up with the multiplication in cybersecurity risks. Instead they are often engaged in isolated and uncoordinated activities that increase costs while delivering limited value.

    EY’s Agile Business Risk is a dedicated and SAP-focused digital risk and compliance offering that combines our expertise in both cybersecurity and SAP. Since we understand how cybersecurity can impact on an organization’s long-term goals and bottom line, we use this service offering to help you navigate cybersecurity challenges, especially in the context of SAP, and support transformation into an agile, resilient and secure organization.

  • Agile Business Supply Chain: Reinventing the supply chain to simplify the lead-to-cash process.

    Digitalization of the supply chain has led to the complete reinvention of manufacturing. Cycle times have shortened, sales and delivery channels have proliferated in number, and product and service designs have become reoriented on the end user as an individual consumer. In addition, platforms and networks have started to dominate supply chain operations.

    Investment in IoT hardware — from sensors embedded in manufacturing equipment and products through to electronically tagged items along the supply chain — is only the starting point of the value equation. The biggest competitive gains come when tools such as analytics enable IoT data to inform decisions that improve operations and drive business value. For example, data from sensors on equipment can be used to predict when the equipment is wearing down or needs repair, reducing both maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. Inventory management could also change radically if inventory management systems are used to automatically place supply orders for refilling warehouses.

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