Techathon 3.0

Challenge 1: Build a ‘Digital Twin’ 

Geeta is the HR Manager of a leading auto manufacturing company and has just hired a new batch of auto mechanics. She wants them to be trained in certain new tools without the dangers inherent in early learning. She built a virtual training center in the Metaverse, a full 3-D surround experience and VR training modules with VR-enabled headsets.

Your challenge: Time to use your tools and shape a new reality! Can you create a digital twin reflecting a close-to-real-life learning experience for new employees? This is your opportunity to build a new-age asset for the industrial manufacturing sector in the Metaverse.

Expected output

As a participant you are expected to create an immersive experience in the Metaverse as per the following:

  • Build a virtual environment (3D model) of the industrial asset in the Metaverse replicating the real-world learning experience
  • Design the digital twin and include functions that encompass processes, products and people  
  • Create a demo of the experience for one or more segments in the industrial manufacturing sector
  • Upload a video of the layout with the industrial assets and drawings; simulate a breakdown or de-bottlenecking activity and its various scenarios
  • Present a working demo explaining the problem statement and digital technologies simulating the environment to increase learning effectiveness and productivity per trainee, along with other benefits


  • Unity, Real or any other open-source gaming engine or technology

Judging criteria

  • Concept of the digital twin
  • Ability to address the business objective viz, increased learning, training effectiveness and enhanced productivity
  • Different technologies employed
  • Quality of the demo and experience created
  • Use of publicly available data sources, deriving proxies for data points not available
  • Scalability, interoperability, and ease of use


EY Techathon 3