Techathon 3.0

Challenge 2: Create a Meta-stadium or Meta-plex

Ganesh had a tiring day in the office and wants to unwind. It is 9 pm and he puts on his Oculus and enters the MSquared meta-plex. He decides to play KBC with Amitabh, and after winning INR 25,000 (he should have focused more on Civics in school!), he decides to take a flight. He dons his aviator wings and takes off for Miami to meet his friends on the beach. They surf for a while and stop for some Pizza. They buy an NFT pack and win seats to the Dodgers' game, where they sit in the front row and watch the game in 3D.

Your challenge: What would you build as the ultimate escapism venue? This is your chance. Build a Meta-plex or a Meta-stadium experience. Game on! Show us what you have got!

Expected output

As a participant you are expected to create an immersive experience in the Metaverse as per the following:

  • Create a virtual stadium or build a virtual plex to enable in-stadium activity (players’ lounge, gaming booths etc.), engagement (digital avatars of popular players, match highlights, fan activity etc.), and transactions (merchandise sale, NFT museum, F&B etc.)
  • Demonstrate an increase in time spent in the virtual stadium or the virtual plex
  • Demonstrate an increase in revenue per visitor in the virtual stadium or the virtual plex
  • Build the overall layout and create a demo of the experience for one or more segments of the stadium or the plex


  • Unity, Real or any other open-source gaming engine or technology

Judging criteria

  • Concept of the stadium or the plex and overall experience
  • Ability to address the business objective viz, increase engagement or time spent and monetization
  • Different technologies employed
  • Quality of the demo and experience created
  • Use of publicly available data sources, deriving proxies for data points not available
  • Scalability, interoperability, and ease of use 


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