Techathon 3.0

Challenge 3: Design a ‘Digi Yoga’ app 

Mrs. Rekha is nearing 60 and often complains of knee pain. Her doctor recommended regular physiotherapy, but the COVID scare lingers. She is not ready to step out yet. Seeing her plight, her nephew introduces her to a virtual therapy center built by a group of eminent physiotherapists residing in different parts of the country. Now, she is thrilled to attend her physiotherapy sessions from the comfort of her home and benefits from specialists' consultations.

Your challenge: Stretch your imagination! Can you build a virtual physiotherapy center, 'Digi Yoga', in the Metaverse? Take this opportunity to bridge the physical divide and help people connect with physiotherapists across locations.

Expected Output

As a participant you are expected to create an immersive experience in the Metaverse as per the following:

  • Create a virtual therapy center facilitating real interaction in a 3D virtual clinic for better engagement between a physiotherapist and people
  • Facilitate access to specialist doctors in remote locations
  • Enable easy remote investigation, therapy and monitoring for the physiotherapist and people
  • Integrate game mechanics into therapy along with group therapy and training
  • Build the overall layout and create a demo of the experience for one or more segments of the virtual therapy center


  • Unity, Real or any other open-source gaming engine or technology

Judging criteria

  • Concept of the virtual therapy centre
  • Ability to address the business objective viz, engagement or time spent and monetization
  • Different technologies employed
  • Quality of the demo and experience created
  • Use of publicly available data sources, deriving proxies for data points not available
  • Scalability, interoperability, and ease of use 


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