Construction & Real Estate Advisory Services

By aligning construction, real estate and facilities operations to an organization’s strategic goals, EY helps clients make informed decisions to achieve a competitive advantage by managing risk, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

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What EY can do for you

The EY Construction and Real Estate Advisory team believes a better working world is achieved by helping clients reduce risk, increase efficiency and lower cost – while positively transforming the physical environments in which we work and live.  

We work with you to collaborate and lead professional teams that address the complex issues related to facilities portfolio and operations planning, location analysis, construction project and risk management, payments and audit support, and digital innovation for the construction and real estate sectors.  EY professionals ask better questions and work with clients to develop broad innovative answers that help deliver impactful, high-quality results.

EY services include:

  • Corporate Real Estate Advisory

    Transform your workplace into a strategic and competitive advantage by driving leading practices, sustainability and workforce enablement with EY Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services.

    To help drive excellence in operational and financial performance, we will focus on improving your portfolio, workplace strategy and facilities sustainment.

    EY capabilities include:

    • Strategic portfolio planning and rationalization
    • Occupancy cost reduction and outsourcing
    • Location advisory and site location analysis
    • Lease administration and auditing
    • Technology and process improvement
    • Improvements in lease and capital expenditures
    • Technology selection and best practices
  • Capital Program and Construction Project Advisory

    From strategic advisory to field support, EY teams of industry-trained practitioners provides leading practice perspectives and practical solutions to mitigate uncertainty, macroeconomic constraints and dynamic risks that are the hallmarks of the capital program and construction project environment. Navigating these challenges to effectively plan, deliver and transition projects has become increasingly complex for all parties involved – including owners, designers, contractors, lenders, insurers and sureties.

    EY teams support the effective and efficient governance, risk management, and delivery and control of capital programs and construction projects at each phase of the program and project lifecycle. We are on the forefront of key innovations transforming the construction industry, from new methodologies and contracting mechanisms to strategic application of data and technology to predict risk and drive better outcomes.

    EY capabilities include:

    • Strategic program and project advisory
    • Governance, organization and controls improvement
    • Program and project process improvement
    • Program and project risk management
    • Program and project management oversight (PMO)
    • Contract compliance, cost evaluation and recovery
    • Independent evaluation of program and project performance
    • Integrity and compliance monitoring
    • Program and project technology and data strategy and optimization
    • Industry benchmarking
  • Managed Services

    Payment Application Managed Services (PAMS) is a prospective continuous review of invoices that leverages people, process and technology. Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation allow digitization of invoices, automated compliance tests and changes recommended through machine learning. This enables discovery of exceptions to contractual terms before payments are due.

    EY clients hire us for one main reason: they want us to prevent leakage on their large CAPEX and facility management spending while they focus on their core business.

    This is how:

    • Outsourcing accounts payable for real estate and construction spending
    • Check across the document for similar instances and make changes wherever necessary.
    • Identification of incorrect charges, fraudulent activities and duplicative charges
    • Benchmarking of cost at a line item level to highlight excessive costs for ongoing and upcoming contracts
    • Providing data used to improve tax exposure

    We typically achieve 3% to 9% savings based off the face value of the invoices.

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital innovation is changing the way we engage with concept development, planning, design, build and operate within the real estate and construction industries.

    We develop digital solutions and strategies for maximum improvement of your projects with predictive occupancy tools, building simulation and advanced analytics, related metrics, digital twin applications and IoT driven real-time asset data management.

    EY capabilities include:

    • Identifying and deploying appropriate IoT strategies including intelligent buildings, campuses, portfolios and cities
    • Assists to maximize efficiency through the integration of building simulation and advanced analytics
    • Supporting database processing of both real-time and simulated data collection to develop a more detailed and accurate understanding of ROI and lifecycle performance
    • Leveraging calibrated model-based commissioning, control and improvement to develop performance vs. prescriptive-based solutions
    • Performing advanced simulation to identify tax incentives and rebates
    • Accurately predicting ROIs and performing simulation studies to inform the design and build processes 

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