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Document Intelligence Platform

Combining EY business knowledge with leading-edge machine learning technologies from Microsoft computer vision, we help companies extract critical insights from a wide range of business documents.

Making document review and processing faster, more consistent and more accurate

Are you suffering from document overload? 

Organizations often need to review, process and interpret an ever-growing number of structured and unstructured documents. To avoid being overwhelmed, they must quickly, consistently, accurately extract and interpret the information trapped in these documents. This can be a very labor intensive, time-consuming and costly process. If they are unable to keep pace, customer experiences degrade, business opportunities are missed, and exposure to legal and regulatory risks increases exponentially. This is a complex problem that won’t be solved by simply adding more resources.

What if you could spend 90% less time reading documents? 

The EY Document Intelligence platform helps organizations unlock insights from a wide range of key business documents, while substantially reducing review and processing time. The platform has helped clients: 

  • Reduce document review and processing time by 90% 
  • Decrease costs by 80% 
  • Cut risk by 20% 
  • Increase processing accuracy by 25% 
  • Improve consistency by 50%

Liberate and monetize your data assets 

The EY Document Intelligence (DI) platform leverages machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to help companies review, process and interpret a wide range of documents more quickly, consistently, accurately and cost-effectively. The offering incorporates EY extensive knowledge of document management and Microsoft’s leading-edge artificial intelligence technologies to help companies extract value and insights from structured and unstructured business documents.

Data assets diagram

Shorten time-to-value with pre-trained document lenses 

The EY Document Intelligence (DI) platform makes use of lenses that are self-contained, pre-trained machines that work directly with specific document types. These lenses are trained using EY vast knowledge base of business documents and applied within the DI platform to accelerate the ingestion and interpretation of specific document types.

Document intelligence infographic

In addition to these pre-trained lenses, EY can build custom lenses that address your specific document challenge.

Document challenge infographic

Customer success stories

Success story 1: Keeping customers safe at a leading media and entertainment company 

The product quality team within the client's consumer division wanted to automate the process of assessing and determining the safety of products. Using the DI offering which allows for the automation of a business process in an auditable and controlled manner, including the ability to form, learn and refine cognitive decisions over time, EY could replicate the decision-making process of the product integrity engineers.

  • Current processes could not scale to meet the ever-growing number of products 
  • Increasing number of lab reports 
  • A growing risk of non-compliance that could cause a negative impact to their brand
  • Time to review and dispose of lab reports was nearly 200% faster than the human counterpart 
  • 10% more accuracy than humans

Success story 2: Accelerating audits and empowering workers at EY

EY is leveraging the Document Intelligence (DI) platform to assist professionals in reviewing lease contracts, enabling them to work faster and with far more accuracy. EY has used DI in over 5000 audits, freeing up valuable resources to contribute more strategically and focus on more fulfilling work.

  • EY performs tens of thousands of audits and accounting projects each year. 
  • Each project receives 500-10,000 lease contracts to review. 
  • Each lease has between 10 (vehicle) to 300 (real estate) pages and requires an average of 3–4 hours to review.
  • 3X increase in overall consistency of information extracted
  • 6X improvement of overall efficiency of review

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