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In today’s fast-paced world, C-suite and business leaders must truly be effective at driving value creation across their organization.

Our latest strategy thinking

Tackling a city budget deficit with ideas from all angles

EY-Parthenon aided Milwaukee in finding new revenue sources and reducing expenses. Learn more in this case study.

How AI in customer service can turn pain points into wow moments

AI in customer service can provide data-driven customization, speed and innovation that helps sales and marketing. Read more.

Geostrategic Analysis: June 2024 edition

Read our June 2024 Geostrategic Analysis for our take on geopolitical developments and the impact of these political risks on international business.

How CEOs juggle transformation priorities – the art of taking back control

EY CEO survey highlights how CEOs consider AI transformation, ESG and M&A to navigate between immediate profits and future sustainability aspirations. Read more.

Building a corporate unicorn

Learn how to approach digital business by building a unicorn with a venture mindset and succeed with your digital investment.

How global business leaders can harness the power of GenAI

Learn about five strategic lessons for business leaders seeking to successfully utilize the power of GenAI.

GenAI risks and challenges for the economy

Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

Prepare now for the new era of selective globalization

Exploring scenarios for the world in five years reveals divergent paths for geopolitics, economic policies and company strategies. Learn more.

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Macro Bites: Capital allocation priorities

What are companies’ capital allocation priorities as interest rates are poised to fall? Watch the episode.

The impact of GenAI on the labor market

Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

How GenAI strategy can transform innovation

Companies considering or investing in a transformative GenAI strategy should tie generative artificial intelligence use cases to revenue, cost and expense. Learn more

5 ways CMOs can create an agile operating model for sustainable growth

Explore 5 ways CMOs can create an intelligent, nimble operating model for sustainable growth.

The productivity potential of GenAI

Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors.

Catalyzing economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to be a significant strategic economic lever for businesses across sectors.

How past tech disruptions can help inform the economic impact of AI

Discover learnings from three key historical episodes of rapid technological change that may help predict the economic impact of AI.

    AI strategy consulting and M&A

    Explore how AI and data are revolutionizing strategy, M&A and divestment, and how AI strategy consulting teams are capturing growth opportunities.

    How can you design and deliver a strategy fit for the real world?

    CEOs need to make big changes fast, and they need strategy that works in today’s real world.

    Macroeconomic insights

    Macro Bites series: Real-time economic insights

    Watch our Macro Bites series for real-time economic insights from industry leaders at EY.

    Global economic outlook: finding balance in 2024

    The 2024 global economic outlook includes a search for equilibrium amid lingering turbulence and volatility as policymakers try to maintain a soft landing.

    Economic impact of AI: Article series for business leaders

    Read our article series on the economic impact of AI, which shares developments and actionable insights to arm companies’ decision-makers.

      M&A strategy insights

      Mergers and acquisitions outlook signals rebounding US deal market in 2024

      Based on economic and market indicators, the latest EY-Parthenon Deal Barometer predicts a rise in deals in the 2024 M&A outlook. Learn more in the report.

      Macro Bites: M&A deal activity in 2024’s nuanced macroeconomic environment

      A nuanced macroeconomic environment provides opportunities for increased M&A deal activity in 2024.

      EY M&A sector of the year: Tech leads M&A activity in 2023

      Find out the EY M&A sector of the year and which sectors to watch in 2024.

      The Navigator: perspectives on financial services M&A

      Financial institutions are building competitive advantage through M&A. Read on to learn more.

      Nine steps to setting up an M&A integration program

      EY M&A integration methodology consists of crucial key steps to help enable value creation from transactions. Learn more.

      Nine essential qualities of an M&A integration leader

      Appointing an M&A integration leader with traits and skills to manage complex integrations will help realize the full value of a transaction. Learn more.

        Sector strategy insights

        Key steps for improving biopharma expansion into new markets

        As biopharma companies look to new markets for needed growth, leaders need to tailor the expansion approach to the nuances of each market. Learn more.

        How value-based care can help boost health system revenue

        Risk contracting for value-based care can provide long-term growth for some health care systems. Read the EY-Parthenon analysis.

        Macro Bites: How is M&E navigating the streaming services revolution?  

        Learn how media and entertainment (M&E) companies are navigating the streaming services revolution in an unbalanced environment.

        Macro Bites: Effective energy transition strategies

        What are companies’ capital allocation priorities as interest rates are poised to fall?

        How health care payers are focusing IT spending as costs rise

        Download The 2023 EY-Parthenon and KLAS Research Payer Tech Study to discover where payers are making strategic health care IT investments to improve operations.

        Preparing financial services cybersecurity for quantum computing

        Quantum computing may seem years off, but financial services cybersecurity teams can take steps now to secure data. Read more.

        Beyond Borders: EY Biotechnology Report 2023

        This 33rd edition of our Beyond Borders report sees the US and European biotechnology (biotech) industry seeking a new path forward.

        The new “performance frontier” for the utilities sector

        The new performance frontier for the utilities sector requires aligning outcomes with value. Read more.

        Macro Bites: Beating health care industry challenges

        Industry leaders need to look to tech solutions, partnerships and M&A to overcome health care industry challenges.

        Macro Bites: How retailers can fight holiday season economic headwinds

        Retailers face macroeconomic headwinds leading into the holiday season. We discuss this backdrop and strategies to thrive. Watch now.

        Five ways private equity can unlock the power of pricing

        Read our latest EY-Parthenon B2B Pricing article highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

        How liberal arts colleges and universities can reassert their value

        As higher education continues to face both financial and perception head winds, liberal arts institutions need new strategies to stand out.

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