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What the EY-Parthenon education strategy consulting team can do for you

The EY-Parthenon education consulting strategists are helping clients negotiate a sea change occurring across the education sector: new technologies and the global pandemic are influencing how and where students are taught; globalization is driving the need for new and different skill sets; shifting demographics are compelling new collaboration initiatives. A sustainable world is the new imperative making quality education for all a major priority.

EY-Parthenon strategy consulting professionals, with broad experience and deep knowledge across the sector, are helping education leaders overcome these new challenges with bespoke, all-encompassing growth strategy plans and implementation support. EY-Parthenon strategy consulting professionals find solutions to specific issues using our toolkit of primary and secondary research, stakeholder engagement, and quantitative analysis.

We have dedicated consultants in all the following five segments of the education sector:    

In short, EY-Parthenon’s leading experience can help bring both short and long-term value to your organization. EY-Parthenon teams are dedicated to helping turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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Is your higher ed institution at risk? Use the IVM to find out.

A new EY-Parthenon metric shows that 40% of US higher education institutions are at or nearing financial and operational risk. The Institutional Viability Metric (IVM) uses data to help higher ed institutions assess risk and achieve earlier intervention on financial health.

Our latest thinking

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Institutions are struggling to provide a quality education while keeping up with the challenges of deferred maintenance.

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