How insurers can improve financial reporting in the post-IFRS 17 era

In this webcast, EY leaders discuss IFRS 17 Standard for insurance contracts in Asia-Pacific countries, focusing on optimizing financial reporting infrastructure, adjusting product portfolios, analyzing investor responses and developing transformation strategies.

In this timely webcast, EY Asia-Pacific financial services leaders recap the IFRS 17 Standard for insurance contracts that has been effective since the start of 2023 in several leading countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Topics discussed include:

  1. Main insights from the publication of the first IFRS 17 interim results from insurance sector in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North Americas.
  2. Are insurers adjusting their product portfolio/mix and/or financial KPIs because of the combined adoption of IFRS 17 (liabilities) and IFRS 9 (assets)?
  3. How have investors, analysts and rating agencies responded to the published financial results of listed insurers under the new IFRS 17 regime?
  4. Finance and Actuarial transformation strategies and priorities for insurers to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of financial reporting - both backward- and forward looking for internal and external stakeholders in the post-IFRS 17 era.

Speakers include:

  • Alistair Chamberlain, Chief Financial Officer, Global Insurance and Wealth Manufacturing, HSBC
  • Vanessa Lou, EY ASEAN Financial Services Actuarial Leader
  • Peter Telders, EY Hong Kong Financial Services IFRS 17 Accounting Lead
  • Emma Sturgess, EY Hong Kong Financial Services Finance Consulting Lead


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