Photographic portrait of Marcus Gantzkow
In times of disruptive change, finance must be the co-driver of transformation and the partner of choice to drive data to insights, and insights to value.

Dr. Marcus Gantzkow

EY Global Digital Finance Leader

Is a visionary when it comes to rethinking finance as a digital and agile business partner. Health addict, accepting new challenges - from transformation programs, running or the gym.

Office Munich, DE

As Global Digital Finance Leader, Marcus deals with the impact of digitization on the future of finance. Since 2001 he is also the leader of the always evolving CFO Agenda in Germany.

His areas of ​​responsibility are diverse. For example, he helps global clients develop and implement their future vision for their finance functions. This ranges from digitization of the current finance function to rethinking finance so as to create sector specific and value-driven new ways of understanding finance. As a result, he wants to support chief financial officers in becoming chief value officers.

Marcus also has a great deal of experience in helping to implement cost reduction programs or realigning the finance function with strategic operating models.

How Marcus is building a better working world

“The 21st century certainly carries all the signs of being an age of disruptive upheavals, characterized by the convergence of industries, volatile markets, digitization, data-driven decision taking, increasing focus on customer lifetime value and much more.

My contribution to this sense of often overwhelming change is to introduce a way of thinking and working that goes beyond the rigid, functional organization and instead seeks to harmonize disruptive changes, on the one hand, with the needs of the organization itself and its people, on the other. For me, the most important aspect is to advocate transformation approaches that give equal measures to diversity, equality, progress and change.”

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