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EY wavespace Munich with its Quantum Space enabled by Microsoft focuses on 12 transformational themes with a mix of technology, industry and functional digital topics from Modern Employer to Cyber and Smart Factory.

About this location

EY wavespace1 Munich is an innovative and collaborative working environment to leverage potential for digital processes and new business models together with EY clients.

EY teams combine advanced facilitation competences including a dedicated team of highly experienced workshop design professionals and facilitators, with cutting-edge technology. Local and global subject matter professionals and our network create a customized and collaborative experience.

Have a digital session in our Arena or use our co-creation Garage with prototyping capabilities to rapidly build, test and validate your ideas.

Both are equipped with leading technology as well as moderation and methodology know-how to ensure an extraordinary end-to-end service throughout your innovation journey. 

The 12 transformational themes from all EY service lines are within a well-balanced mix of technology, industry and functional digital themes. 

  • Smart factory: With a technology-driven innovative approach, we help you make existing or new factories ready for the future. Explore examples on how technologies can make factories smart and therewith contribute to the roadmap of highly digitized and technology enabled factories, ranging from silo solutions to networks solutions that target enormous potentials.
  • Modern employer: Experience new ways of working with integrated applications of the Microsoft 365 suite based on a demo environment simulating several collaboration scenarios. Explore how to increase adoption through immersive change & learning experiences and co-create your future state of Microsoft 365 adoption with your team.
  • Capital edge: EY Capital Edge is a secure cloud-based, real-time data, analytics and collaboration platform designed to drive greater efficiencies and stronger teaming across often siloed functional areas and provide support throughout the strategy and transaction life cycle.
  • Digital financial services: Explore how to drive growth, manage digital transformation journeys and develop customer centric digital products. We help you to safeguard trust in the digitized world of financial services and to navigate successfully through crises, unprecedented change and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Data & analytics: Most companies started on their data-driven journey but are facing challenges when it comes to establishing data as a key value driver. We help you to unlock the full potential of analytics by bringing together strong competencies in technological capabilities with a profound understanding of the underlying business model and generate long-term value.
  • Trusted cloud: Trusted cloud solutions help you to fully leverage the potential of the cloud. EY leading practice use cases and industry experience combined with the Microsoft cloud migration framework and tools will provide the ideal playground for your ideas.
  • Mobility innovation: Experience mobility solutions that show possible applications for innovative ways of doing business in the future reality, addressing major challenges of the mobility and transportation sector now and tomorrow. 
  • Transformation management: EY digital solution EYNext helps you accelerate your transformation program and create a rapid transformation program setup leveraging standard processes and structures. Better decision-making and improved governance come from real-time transparency and aggregated information.
  • Modern retail: The world is changing and creates a new kind of consumer with increasing expectations on transparency, real time information and convenient, seamless shopping experience. Find out what topics a retailer has to consider for the future and how a technological answer could look like for the transformation.
  • Cyber: EY teams help you develop an advanced cyber security strategy and securely navigate the transformative age. Various use cases are at hand, exploiting advanced cyber defense and forensic investigation facilities equipped with next generation tools and technologies in IoT, IAM  and SIEM.
  • Modern finance: The future of finance is a fully data-driven agile finance function. We help you apply new technologies to fundamentally redesign finance processes, operating models and career paths, generating landmark improvements in efficiency and service quality.
  • Tax platform: Experience several use cases around a flexible ecosystem for your tax function. We help you to unlock transformation along the complete tax lifecycle through cutting-edge tax technology and methodologies.

Specific offering

Besides providing clients with support from our dedicated and agile teams, our EY wavespace Munich location also houses Quantum Space enabled by Microsoft. 

Every new idea needs a vision. With EY alliance partner Microsoft, Quantum Space bridges the application of intelligent technologies and collaborative strategy development with our clients in an unprecedented way.

The concept of facilitation, moderation and innovation methodology supported by Microsoft technology allows for an individual session along a chosen theme followed by rapid prototyping and solution building.

Whatever your digital disruption challenge may be – the EY wavespace GSA team has the technology and experience to dig deep into your biggest challenges and get your business where it needs to be – in a physical or virtual session or a blend of both. 

The key to EY wavespace Munich is the strongly customer-centered and collaborative way of working, that we make available to you with Microsoft.

EY wavespace Munich
Arnulfstrasse 59

Munich 80636

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