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EY wavespace Prague is a center of excellence for the consumer agenda. It focuses on consumer experience, market trends and insights, the smart consumer, sustainability strategy, and digital transformation.

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About this location

As consumer demands evolve, companies must find the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow.

Disruptive technologies, new business models and agile market entrants are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy and how they live. In this complex environment, companies must shift their focus from protecting what they have to creating what they need to become.

Companies must rethink how and where to serve the smart consumer. They must build the capabilities to put data at the heart of the organization and create the agility to respond to market change. Their supply chain must evolve into a transparent demand-response network.

EY teams help consumer companies explore, identify and implement the right balance of bold strategic choices that will sustain their business today and transform it for tomorrow.


What we appreciate about working with EY wavespace Prague team is the individual approach toward our needs, the guided workflow with the right amount of independence, so we come up with the ideas ultimately ourselves and therefore we trust the outcomes so much more. What I personally liked, was the interactivity.


At EY wavespace, we reimagine what’s possible for business. We help teams to reframe their thinking and find answers – faster. Our immersive approach brings the right people together from across an organization, EY and beyond – virtually, in person or using a blend of both. It gives teams the mindset and tools to think differently and solve problems at speed.

Using our proven model, based on the Scan-Focus-Act methodology infused with design thinking and technology collaboration tools, the experienced team of EY wavespace Prague helps clients to develop and execute sustainable and customer-centric business strategies by guiding them successfully through their transformation journeys. One of the key elements to this is leveraging future-back methodologies such as EY FutureConsumer.Now program to measure how behaviors, trends and expectations will evolve as well as identify how companies can adapt to these changes. The team works entirely virtually, in a physical location or a blend of both. The capabilities and skill set of the EY wavespace Prague team are broadened by the access to the global EY wavespace network, bringing technology, design and business together.

Business sustainability strategy

We help clients with the following:

  • Analysis of mid-term and long-term initiatives to ensure compliance with strategic goals that focus on energy, waste management, water management and packaging
  • Design of broad sustainability strategies, including action plans
  • Financial management to support sustainable business
  • Non-financial reporting to fulfil sustainability goals and stakeholder expectations

Consumer experience

We help clients:

  • Understand how the future consumer will evolve and how their business will need to adapt to remain relevant to their customers, supported by EY's proven capabilities and talent
  • Use scenario planning to stress test their business against the challenges and opportunities of possible, plausible and probable futures to better help enable them to shape a preferable future for themselves

Data science

We support EY clients from data consolidation and visualization to identify key focus areas including consumption prediction, predictive acquisition and retention of business partners with a particular focus on marketing effectiveness.

Solution design and digitization

We help clients to formulate products and service features for the new normal while taking into account the omnichannel nature of their business, including:

  • Designing innovative solutions and processes, by integrating traditional products or solutions with new digital ones
  • Validating business potential and customer value propositions, through market and customer research, benchmarking, persona profiling, CX design, quick solution prototyping
  • Providing solution development and roll-out support

Na Florenci 2116/15

Praha 110 00

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