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EY Agile practitioners and experts recognize that we are in a period of reinvention.This demands clients to reframe their vision for the future, create an aspirational strategy, and accelerate their journey to becoming truly adaptive. It is time to challenge traditional thinking, leverage technology and innovate at scale to drive faster time to market, customer centricity, while building a more empowered workforce.

What is Agile Transformation?

Customer behaviors are shifting from product to experience-led, fueling the need for value to be delivered faster and more targeted.

The business and regulatory markets are volatile, driving the need for operational excellence and flexibility.

People are increasingly trying to find purpose and feel they have an impact through their careers, driving the need to build a strong, more connected workplace.

Agile Transformation creates a new, flexible, and adaptable way of working and culture which helps your organization to consciously adapt to shifting market dynamics and evolving changes, as well to successfully delivery your transformation efforts.

Agile Transformation benefits

EY Agile practitioners have extensive experience in adopting new ways of working and Agile at scale models, and customize their approach based on the maturity and needs of your organization to set you up for a successful and sustainable transformation. EY work alongside you to shape your future and help navigate questions such as:

  • What is Agile?
  • What benefits can I expect?
  • How Agile am I?
  • As a leader, how can I lead by example?
  • How can I accelerate our agility?
  • How can we deliver faster?
  • Identify, support and test the concept with an Agile Pilot / Proof of Value

    An Agile Proof of Value (PoV) can generate powerful examples to excite the broader organization about what is possible. Generate trust with your business stakeholders, and help you gain credibility with those who were initially resistant to the idea of introducing Agile. EY Agile practitioners will be by your side to:

    • Identify a high impact-high value area to act as the Agile (POV)
    • Assist in Agile Team Resourcing
    • Provide continuous coaching and Subject Matter Expert (SME) support
    • Define and track benefits realisation
  • Agile training and upskilling

    An Agile Training program is designed based on the organization’s needs and accompanied with coaching, shadowing and professional certifications where required. All training sessions are delivered by EY certified Trainers and practitioners to ensure the people are set up for success in their new roles. EY can offer training on Scrum:

    • Product Managers/Product Owners
    • Scrum Masters

    and scaling Agile frameworks and certifications, such as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

  • Agile Maturity assessment & Agile Target Operating Model (ATOM) Design

    An agile maturity assessment is performed to assess the current agility of your organization and your agile transformation efforts.

    Leveraging the maturity assessment insights, a tailor-made Agile Target Operating Model (ATOM) is designed. The ATOM is based on your organizations’s identify and utilizes best practice from Agile at Scale models such as SAFe, Agile at Spotify, LeSS, and Scrum of Scrums.  The target operating model is flexible and adaptive to market conditions and cultivates empowered teams and agility across the organization. 

  • Agile Transformation Roadmap

    Based on the customized target operating model created, EY Agile practitioners can create a customized transformation roadmap to implement the operating model and blueprint.

    The roadmap:

    • Is a single roadmap that showcases the key agreed priorities, ensuring coordination of capabilities across the entire organization
    • Translates the steps agreed using the Business Agility framework competencies into a comprehensive step-by-step transformation roadmap
    • Accompanied by success metrics to demonstrate flow of value and increase in business agility
    • Ensures leaders and teams are aligned, energised and committed to the ambition of enterprise-wide agility
  • Agile Transformation Roadmap Implementation

    Continuous Coaching

    Expert know-how in transformation and behavioral change is provided to ensure alignment and upskilling of teams across the organization.

    The coaches support all levels of organization:

    • One-to-one coaching to help executives create compelling visions, identify priorities, build a roadmap and agree key metrics of success
    • Team level coaching to build high performing teams, support individuals transition to their new roles, promote desired behaviours such as constructive feedback and active listening
    • Offer upskilling of in-house Agile coaches or other functional specialists to enhance the in-house coaching capability
    • Set up an Agile Center of Excellence to disseminate the new ways of working throughout the organization more effectively

    Setting-up and managing an agile Center of Excellence (CoE)

    Enabler teams such as an Agile center of Excellence can be set up to accelerate the adoption of new ways of working, who will receive targeted training and coaching from EY specialists. The objective is to develop an in-house capability of Agile practitioners and experts who will act as Agile champions and custodians of the new ways of working. They can be proactively deployed short-term within teams to coach and provide best practice as needed.

    EY can provide guidance on the set-up of the Agile CoE, which can include (but not limited to):

    • Agile CoE mission & metrics
    • CoE size & distribution
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Processes & operations

    Continuous Measurement Metrics

     Frequent checkpoints throughout the Agile implementation are crucial in tracking progress along the Agile journey. When well-defined, these instill accountability and confidence, helping organizations accelerate and evolve, and allow the timely identification of new improvement opportunities.

    The Target Agile Transformation roadmap acts as a blueprint of the outcomes that need to be achieved, accompanied with metrics to measure success.

    Continuous monitoring of agreed Objectives and Key results (OKRs) ensure the roadmap objectives set by the leadership, are prioritized and worked through. Other team level metrics ensure value adding and removal of waste. A continuous feedback loop helps monitor progress against the cross-organizational metrics,

    The metrics:

    • Are data-driven and informed by global best practices
    • Incorporate Financial Metrics, Value Based Metrics and Level Based Metrics for a holistic view at all levels

    Are used to continuously assess progress against the organization’s short- and long-term objectives

    Provision of certified agile at scale implementation consultants

    By understanding the current skills and capacity of the organization, EY can identify and fill any resource gaps to create fully resourced, empowered and cross functional teams required for agile delivery.

    All employees also have access to Agile expertise through coaching and training for further upskilling.

    Tools set up & Configuration

    EY experienced professional will assist in technology-tools customization, configuration and continuous monitoring to visualize workflow and benefits reporting.

    Agile tools will help leadership with Portfolio planning and will help teams translate their product roadmap to a set of priorities.

    Common Architecture standards: The technology helps the organization’s operations shift from a cost center to a quality service provider enabling the value of delivery.

    Roles such as Enterprise Architects can also be appointed in large projects to envision, communicate, and evolve the overall architecture, while setting and maintaining common architecture standards.

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