What tools create a chance for better results in times of uncertainty?

How long does it take to diagnose challenges and draw a map of activities to achieve business goals in your company effectively? With EY Experts, 90 minutes is enough, and this is a good starting point that will allow you to climb a level higher and motivate you to act.

Take part in the free Deep Dive Session workshop, which we prepare especially for you, considering your business needs. We want to help entrepreneurs effectively solve their problems - to do this we must delve into the challenges they face at the level of planning solutions. 

What do you achieve by taking part in Deep Dive Sessions?

What makes Deep Dive Session different from an ordinary meeting:

  • Efficiency. The session is conducted by an EY wavespace facilitator, who cares about the meeting's effectiveness and dynamics. It sets the framework for session participants, requires sticking to the assumptions, and successively reminds the session goals. Both sides quickly review ideas and suggestions that will apply to a specific company. Consequently, the time for unnecessary digressions is limited to the minimum, and the discussion revolves around important issues.
  • Deep Dive Session is a workshop on strategic planning and design thinking, not just scoping, although it supports this goal.

What is worth knowing about Deep Dive Session with EY?

  • 1. Who is Deep Dive Session for?

    • For those who know how important it is to plan a project well before proceeding with its implementation
    • For those who see the problem but have not made the decision to choose the right solution,
    • For those who face the challenges of new regulations that require the introduction of specific solutions,
    • For those who want to perfect and improve the processes taking place in their company.
  • 2. What business issues does the session support?

    • Taxes
    • Right
    • Finance and banking
    • Technology
    • Innovations
    • Supply chains
    • Industry sectors
    • Consumer products and retail
    • Employees and employers
  • 3. What is the methodology of collaboration during the session?

    The meeting is conducted according to the SCAN-FOCUS-ACT methodology used in WaveSpace.

    • SCAN - common problem definition,
    • FOCUS - narrowing down the discussion to a selected area of ​​your company,
    • ACT - joint identification of strategic directions of activities, prototyping of solutions, process mapping, and benchmarking
  • 4. How do I apply to the Deep Dive Session?

    • Please fill out the contact form and wait for an EY consultant to contact you to participate in the session.
    • Introduce a topic that you would like to explore during the Deep Dive session.
    • Within five working days, you will receive information about the qualification for the session along with a proposal of three dates.

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