How to navigate the hype vs. value curve of the metaverse

In this episode of the Better Innovation Podcast, host Jeff Saviano interviews EY Global Chief Innovation Officer Jeff Wong about the Metaverse.

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Jeff Wong, EY’s Global Chief Innovation Officer and technology enthusiast joins Better Innovation host Jeff Saviano for a fascinating and fluid conversation about the Metaverse.

Some predict the Metaverse could soon become a $1 trillion+ industry. Jeff Wong explains the importance of distinguishing between hype and value curves when assessing emerging technology trends.

The pair of Jeffs explore helpful definitions of the Metaverse and discuss the current limitations of VR/AR, the alignment to De-Fi (decentralized finance) and digital currencies, and the likely increased regulation for related Web3.0 tech solutions.

Listen-in as Jeff Wong shares his belief in the Metaverse’s incredible potential for good, ultimately transcending commercial applications to help solve humanity’s biggest challenges – from climate change to social justice.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


Episode 5


1h 11m 17s