Deconstructing packaging: How to choose the optimal sustainable option

In this webcast, a global panel of EY professionals discuss the dilemma facing consumer products companies trying to achieve their plastics reductions commitments.

All major consumer packaged goods manufacturers have made plastic reduction commitments, and consumer-facing brands with well-known products have a particular imperative to lead the transition. For them, packaging is an essential factor in their ability to preserve and maintain the quality of their products. But eye-catching packaging, not properly disposed of, can fast become the eyesore of branded litter and a reputational risk. Mounting regulation and heightened consumer awareness are driving the consumer products sector to a point where non-recyclable or non-biodegradable flexible packaging will be unacceptable.

But sustainable flexible packaging is a particularly difficult issue. Not only are there multiple options for companies to explore, but also each depends on consumer support and may require specific infrastructure or the development of costly emerging technologies. Many options remain unproven and have yet to become economically viable. Picking the right choice will not only depend on the ability to scale it as a future viable alternative, but also on the regulatory and consumer context of a particular market or region. There is no single solution, and pivotal decisions are being made on selecting the right long-term choices that will benefit the business and the planet.

We’ll cover:

  • What are your options? EY’s sustainable packaging professionals will discuss challenges and potential solutions.
  • What are the implications of each choice? The pros and cons and different variations by market
  • How are big brands contemplating the change? 
  • How will these options scale? The choice that companies must make to ensure viability across a range of solutions


  • Kristina Rogers, EY Global Consumer Leader

  • Jim Doucette, EY-Parthenon Global and Americas Consumer Leader

  • Matt Handford, Principal, Climate Change and Sustainability, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Shahid Murtuza, PhD, EY-Parthenon Sustainable Packaging Leader

We’ve written an article which explores much of the content discussed in the webinar. You may read it here: How can packaging keep things fresh without lasting a lifetime? 


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