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Work reimagined: How to prepare for ‘renaissance and recommitment’

In this webcast, we will explore the results of the newly released EY 2022 Work Reimagined Survey, which included more than 17,000 employees and 1,500 employers across 22 countries. 

We’re now in a moment when we can begin to fully reset and reimagine a more sustainable and human-centered workforce strategy. This session will reveal key insights from the EY 2022 Work Reimagined Survey, which included over 17,000 employees and 1,500 employers across 22 countries. The survey results show that the pace of accelerated change in the world of work continues. Organizations are forging ahead with new approaches to health and safety, a mix of onsite and virtual work with effective hybrid working policies, and an emphasis on flexibility, productivity, career development and pay.

Join this one-hour session for your organization to further unlock the insights you need to win the race for talent.

 Topics to be covered include:

  • Hybrid working policies: 22% of organizations say all employees must return to the office five days a week, while only 14% of employees are looking to come back full time. Should you bring your people to the work? Or bring the work to your people?
  • Employee experience: about half (53%) of employees polled believe their company has a sustainable employee experience that is allowing employees to thrive with new ways of working.  How can employers meet this challenge by redefining culture in the workplace and digital experience?
  • Global race for talent: 68% of employers tell us turnover has significantly increased.  What mix of demographics or company actions will best drive more company loyalty?
  • Mobility “en-masse” (for all): what used to be a limited requirement for select international assignments or business travelers is now becoming a widespread capability need with 41% of companies trying to allow employees to work from anywhere. How can you ensure you are ready to manage the complex individual and corporate tax and regulator considerations?
  • Insights to actions: what approaches does EY see leading employers taking based on these learnings to focus on this new "renaissance and recommitment"?


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