Payroll technology at work

Innovative technology can help payroll functions transform their processes and unleash benefits for both organizations and their employees.
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Streamline your global payroll operations while reducing compliance risk.

EY Payroll Operate answers a clear demand in the market: a global payroll solution that provides a single framework that can be scaled by you as your business needs evolve.

Drawing on the power of the innovation and the ever-evolving suite of technology tools, EY Payroll Operate assists you to have the essentials covered:

  • Accurate, on-time pay for your employees wherever in the world they work
  • Consistent and manageable processes for your payroll personnel
  • Dependable compliance and reduced risk for the organization
  • Improved user experience for your employees

EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot

EY announces modernization of payroll employee care using ChatGPT In Azure OpenAI.

EY Payroll Command Center

Achieve a truly centralized, global delivery with dedicated support, every step of the way.

With over 50 years’ experience providing industry-leading payroll services, 2,500 payroll compliance professionals and more than 4,500 valued global payroll clients in over 150 countries, we support companies of all sizes to smoothly manage their entire payroll population, including even the most complex payroll taxation and mobility cases.

EY Interact Payroll mobile app

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Learn how we can help you transform your payroll processes through innovative payroll technology

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