Complex transformations are ultimately always about people and the human emotions that accompany significant change. Start with humans at the center, and the technology will follow.

Craig Glindemann

EY Global Consulting Markets Leader

Client advocate. Technologist. Explorer. Human-centered transformation leader. Passionate supporter of neurodiverse hiring and development.

Craig has spent his entire career in consulting and professional services, working across all mega geographies and in more than 20 different markets.

He has been with the EY organization for more than 15 years, focusing on complex transformations within multinational companies through a combination of enabling technology, business acumen and people. He has always been interested in how to influence culture to drive successful and sustainable change and get the most value from new technology.

A husband and father of two teenagers, Craig enjoys all things outdoors and helping regenerate the environment for native species in Australia.

How Craig is building a better working world

“Transformation used to be an event. Now it’s business as usual. I help organizations master the necessary art of sustainable change by building new capabilities that enable them to continuously evolve. Transformation demands a combination of technology, business acumen and people. My job is to show that, now more than ever, it’s the people dimension that is really at the heart of long-term continuous transformation.”

Craig's latest thinking

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