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EY.ai Confidence Index: driving value through responsible AI adoption

We can help you drive confidence in data, technology and processes that form the infrastructure of your AI ecosystem. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has huge potential to unlock value – but it can also produce unexpected and undesirable outcomes. The additional risks that emerge with AI-powered decisions mean they should always be accompanied by a confidence score or a reliability rating.

The EY.ai Confidence Index helps drive confidence in data, technology and processes that form the infrastructure of your AI ecosystem. It supports enhanced decision-making and more efficient operations through reliability and explainability, and it promotes responsible AI by enhancing transparency and privacy, through measurable confidence levels.

The EY.ai Confidence Index stress-tests your organization’s full AI model lifecycle across our principles of Responsible AI. Each assessment is customizable and contextual, balancing quantifiable metrics with qualitative aspects like user experience and ethical considerations.

Accelerate value creation

Our confidence index is based on industry benchmarks to drive innovation at speed with the appropriate confidence that associated risks are understood by the organization and thus manageable, helping your organization make decisions that are appropriately risk-adjusted.

Comply with regulations and responsible AI principles

Our methodology and benchmarks were designed and shaped through the extensive industry experience of the EY.ai team and honed through applied research from our academic partners. The methodology is monitored and enhanced on an ongoing basis to adjust for new information on inherent risks, data availabilities, legislation or regulatory changes.

Align your AI strategy to your business objectives

The EY.ai Confidence Index helps you manage risk-adjusted investments into emerging tech decisions based on the risk tolerance strategy of your organization.

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