Benchmark analysis

EY benchmarking analysis can provide insight into your company’s performance by comparing financial and related data from similar organizations. Our benchmark analysis can reveal potential improvement opportunities in the size, cost and efficiency of your finance function, internal controls and working capital.

What EY benchmarking analysis can do for you

EY benchmarking analysis can provide insight into your company’s performance by comparing your financial database and related data with those from similar organizations.

Our benchmark analysis analyzes a variety of your key performance metrics and can identify opportunities for cost savings or ways to increase the effectiveness of your business processes, for example in:

  • Size and cost of your finance function 

  • Efficiency of financial reporting processes 

  • Internal controls

  • Working capital 

All comparable information comes from a database of financial and operational metrics owned by a leading third-party provider of independent, high-quality data. And as EY benchmarking analysis is scalable, it can be tailored to your industry sector, your size and your location.

Comparing data is one thing, but what about interpreting it to your potential benefit? This is where EY knowledge and experience comes in.

Together with you, we can look at your output report. This company benchmarking analysis report includes observations, key findings and a list of all metrics used as part of the analysis. We then invite you to have a deeper conversation with us about how we can turn these numbers into real insight for you that can help strengthen your business. This conversation may also help you get a better understanding of:

  • How your company compares with its peers in key measures

  • Untapped opportunities to achieve cost savings

  • Existing opportunities to increase the effectiveness of specific business processes, as well as your internal controls framework

Benchmarking analysis

Providing insight into your company’s performance

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