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EY teams bring together extensive industry experience with data science and analytics capabilities to help businesses detect and investigate instances of data breach, fraud, waste, misuse, abuse, corruption, noncompliance and cybercrime, as well as to assist in regulatory or litigation responses. EY professionals apply machine learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation, and have deep domain knowledge.

EY teams use analytics to help organizations identify gaps in their internal controls, increase risk transparency and improve decision-makers’ understanding of business risks. By lowering the probability and severity of losses, EY clients can reduce the cost of compliance. They can also gain operational efficiencies by applying insights from their compliance efforts to the broader risk and business initiatives.

The EY suite of Forensic Data Analytics offerings provides organizations with the factual evidence they need to make actionable legal and compliance decisions, focus investigative efforts where they matter most and improve outcomes.

“EY collaborates across business lines to develop sector- and domain-specific skills and talent, platforms and solutions ...  EY works with an ecosystem of external organizations, governments and other standard setters to accelerate the adoption of AI"

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EY Virtual

The next generation forensic data analytics platform integrating human and machine intelligence. 


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