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EY wavespace Antwerp is particularly focused on open innovation and collaboration between corporates and start-ups. It facilitates projects in all innovation phases: from ideation, concept, prototype and co-creation to showcasing a project.

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About this location

With play tables, a climbing wall and a bar you soon realise that EY wavespace is focused on people, as well as transformational business outcomes. EY wavespace Antwerp is designed to bring together a community of start-ups, corporates and EY intrapreneurs, aiming at fostering an innovation culture. 

EY wavespace Antwerp facilitates projects in all innovation phases: from ideation, concept, prototype and co-creation to showcasing a project. With interactive tools and creation-igniting areas, EY wavespace Antwerp is where you can align teams and breakdown organizational silos, where you can speed up decision making and find new, transformative, solutions for your business.

This is a space where start-ups and corporates meet and exchange ideas. The setting breathes innovation: you can write on walls and brainstorm with creation-igniting items. EY professionals create a whole new dynamic by bringing together suits and jeans.
EY wavespace Antwerp focuses on three main capabilities:
  • Open innovation  
    EY wavespace Antwerp is the home of The Factory, a fast-growing start-up within EY Consulting Services BV. EY professionals enable innovation while supporting the growth of start-ups and scale-ups, facilitating innovation tracks for established companies, empowering intrapreneurs within EY organization and connecting them with each other to stimulate open innovation. EY professionals organize hackathons or brainstorms, for example. You get a campus-like feeling, and for corporate clients, this is an inspiring setting where start-ups and scale-ups immediately feel at home. EY people also take into account the latest technological developments, often supplied by local start-ups. EY teams not only make knowledge available but also the network. 
  • Cyber threat intelligence
    As data flows in all directions, cyber threats are increasing. Therefore, cybersecurity is a very hot topic. EY teams have developed a case that shows how Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) can be integrated into an organization’s IT environment to improve monitoring capabilities. It simulates a cyberattack on a CTI-enabled environment and shows how the cyberattack can be detected in an early stage, and how the impact on the organization can be limited. 
  • EY Digital Boardroom 
    EY Digital Boardroom is a collection of analytical and decision-making scenarios developed on SAP Analytics Cloud, a cloud-based platform from SAP, and forms part of the Global Agile Business Finance solution. The solution and use cases are helping the C-suite and executive decision-makers to review the key performance indicators in real time, ask essential questions, drill down into the core problem as well as simulate the current and upcoming business scenarios to predict and forecast.

In EY wavespace, EY professionals curate talent and technology, bringing them together in a collaboration proven to energize and align teams, to solve problems and create meaningful outcomes — faster.

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