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A flagship hub with a strong focus on people experience, EY wavespace Rome offers collaborative and flexible work on a wide range of emerging technologies with a strong and distinctive contribution to neuroscience applications.
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About this location

By 2022, no less than 54% of all employees will require significant re- and upskilling, as revealed in a recent World Economic Forum report on the future of jobs. Above all, the working model will evolve from what we know, and on all aspects: education, recruiting, training, labor relations, places and methods of performance activities. As per Building a Better Working Europe – Unlocking Europe’s digital growth potential the most alarming shortages are in digital skills.

In this context, rather than strategies, the speed of adaptation and behavior change become central. This is why companies must change, just as people too.

EY wavespace Rome, just as EY wavespace Milan, responds to these challenges. Building on EY wavespace Milan’s capabilities, EY wavespace Rome is an integrated environment where technologies, neurosciences, research and architecture work hand-in-hand in order to promote and encourage the development of innovative learning processes and communicative practices.

We support you in identifying innovative approaches for your customers and employees through specifically designed formats that take advantage of the latest technologies and human-centered methodologies. Here are some of the formats we can apply:

  • Design and strategic thinking: Focus on agile management and an open mindset to promote adaptation to a dynamic context and changing situations — mapping the skills present and those to be developed to successfully experience change.

  • Agile transformation and change management: With the multiplicity of changes taking place, the strategy must be developed as a broad story so that employees better understand what is happening and why. Leveraging design-thinking methodologies we will help you define a coherent strategy vision, develop consistency and transparency, share what is happening to give meaning to the process of change and getting all your employees on board with the change.

  • Designing innovative organizations: By considering the future, EY teams help companies develop sustainable organizational models that can adapt rapidly to a changing environment.

  • Designing senseable experiences: Through neuro-scientific tools, EY teams study the behavior of users to create services that provide meaningful and positive experiences to employees and customers.

  • Technology, education and transformation: Through training on technical skills, such as IoT, big data and AI, we help companies adequately scale operating models enabled by technology.

  • Digital company reality check: We assess state-of-the-art of companies in relation to their digitalization status to be able to forge an integrated and effective digital strategy.

  • Discover competencies of the future: We help you develop tailored training paths to provide employees with the necessary tools and knowledge required in the digital world.

  • Full agility transformation: We help you develop an agile mindset integrating processes and culture, resulting in “agile-by-nature” companies.

EY wavespace Rome is an integrated environment where technologies, neurosciences, research and architecture work hand-in-hand.

All the experiences are designed to be co-creation moments. EY teams strongly believe in the power of collaboration. People are placed at the center of the design process by engaging all stakeholders throughout different stages to be sure that the EY teams are delivering recommendations that truly meet the needs of the end users.

Finally, as EY wavespace Milan, EY wavespace Rome is starting to collaborate with several universities, and public and private entities to launch different master programs on the most relevant topics of today’s digital world.

In EY wavespace, we curate talent and technology, bringing them together in a collaboration proven to energize and align teams, to solve problems and create meaningful outcomes – faster.

EY wavespace Rome

RM - Via Lombardia, 31,

Roma 00187

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