EY wavespace™ Trivandrum

EY wavespace Trivandrum is a dedicated innovation center focusing on stimulating, incubating and activating next generation digital solutions. The center brings ideas to reality by building on its diverse digital, design innovation knowledge, and strong collaborations with start-up ecosystem.

About this location

These are exciting times of possibilities and transformation through emerging digital and disruptive technologies. It is reshaping every aspect of the way we live, work, and do business. Enterprises today are competing to take hold of these opportunities and shape their future considering the impact on their relevance and sustenance; however, lack clear vision and direction to maneuver this ambiguous path.

Since its inception, EY wavespace Trivandrum has been responding to the future needs of enterprise, by researching market trends, future trends, emerging technologies and its impact, the art of the possible and the future state of enterprises in multiple sectors. These cumulative knowledge and experiences help shape new innovative ideas, business models, service designs and strategies for the future. Innovative ideas are conceptualized by creating connections both in emotional and functional dimensions with the user groups.

From ideas to go-live, EY wavespace Trivandrum creates lasting value through innovative scalable solutions.

From ideas to go live, here are some of the core focus areas at EY wavespace Trivandrum

  • Design thinking-led solutions   
    Innovation underpinned by design thinking principles harnesses the capabilities of technology and data to address the needs of the users and create lasting value for enterprises. EY teams facilitate innovation using design thinking approach. 

  • Idea generation and incubation
    Idea generation and incubation helps in developing a working prototype from a concept in an agile approach, thereby reducing the risk and increasing the chances to harness the innovation opportunity. 

  • Digital transformation
    Digital transformation is a top priority for most businesses. EY teams have extensive experience in co-creating a successful digital agenda that generates tangible business value and delightful user experience.

  • Agile rapid development  
    EY teams help use agile methods to deliver scalable working products that are ready for deployment.

All of our experiences are designed to be co-creation moments. EY teams strongly believe in the power of collaboration, which is why EY teams work hand in hand with companies to find solutions. People are placed at the center of the design process by engaging all stakeholders throughout the different stages to make sure that EY teams are providing recommendations that truly meet the needs of the end users.

EY wavespace Trivandrum has established approaches to collaborate extensively with start-up ecosystem and academia, making the vast knowledge accessible to the ecosystem and taking advantage of their agility. In EY wavespace, people interact with concepts and each other – and this interaction leads to meaningful outcomes.

EY wavespace Trivandrum not only leaves a lasting and memorable experience in its innovation process, but also creates lasting value through innovative scalable solutions.

EY wavespace Trivandrum
Drishya, Ground floor, KINFRA Film & Video Park, Trivandrum, Kerala, India


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