Miljenko Borščak and Stiven Toš

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2022, Croatia
Miljenko Borščak and Stiven Toš, CEOs of Bomark Pak d.o.o.

How Bomark Pak cornered the market with its more environmentally focused approach to packaging.

Miljenko Borščak saw a gap in the Croatian packaging industry: he learned companies were producing stretch film with old machinery, and he set about disrupting the market. He built Bomark Pak d.o.o. to provide an environmentally friendly solution. In 2013, Stiven Toš joined the firm, and the pair invested in state-of-the-art machinery and a product-testing laboratory to produce thinner, high-quality film that reduces the amount of plastic used by consumers. 

Known as “the crazy ones” by competitors for their risk taking, Miljenko and Stiven pour investment into their company to optimize its manufacturing processes. This has led to the complete automation of production lines, integration of modern machinery and creation of top-quality products.  

Keeping sustainability front and center, the entrepreneurs are developing a recycling plant to reintegrate waste film into the company’s production cycle. They are also building a solar farm to power the plant and eventually make it carbon negative. 

Together, the pair has grown the company exponentially. Bomark Pak now operates as a manufacturer and distributor in more than 30 countries. It is the only Croatian producer of stretch films and one of the highest-quality manufacturers of stretch film and paper tube packaging in Europe, capturing 5% of the European market.  

Miljenko and Stiven are keen to give back to the community, especially through Miljenko’s Civilization of Love Foundation, created in 2003. The Foundation finances many projects including educating 50 children in Tanzania and supporting humanitarian work in Venezuela.   

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