Sotirios Zavalianis

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Czech Republic
Chairman of the Board of Directors of AKESO holding

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Sotirios Zavalianis is bringing innovative AI approaches to Czech health care.

AKESO holding’s motto is a simple expression of the company’s values: “Human health. Humanity. Helpfulness.” It also echoes why Sotirios Zavalianis entered the health care sector over 25 years ago: Throughout his life, he has believed that we should try to make the world at least a little better. 

Sotirios began his health care journey with co-ownership of Mediscan Group in 1998. He later sold his stake and established and acquired other health care facilities. Merging those ventures under AKESO holding in 2017, he intended to build health care facilities that would inspire other operators in the Czech Republic and beyond. As one of the country’s leading health care providers, AKESO now includes hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, pharmacies, an oncology and radiology center and more across a variety of medical disciplines. 

Under Sotirios’ leadership, AKESO has reached new heights in terms of organization, efficiency and modern medical practices. The hospitals in Beroun and Hořovice, for example, are known for their innovative approaches to care, including their use of artificial intelligence (AI). While he acknowledges there’s no substitute for the human element of care, Sotirios finds technologies like AI and surgical robots fascinating and believes they show great promise for the future of medicine. 

As his medical empire continues to grow, so does Sotirios’ ambition to create a sustainable ecosystem of health service providers, educational and research facilities and motivated employees.

No robot or other new technology can replace human empathy, communication and human approach.