Sebastian Büchert and Lars Sunnanväder 

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Germany
Lars Sunnanväder, Founder, and Sebastian Büchert, CEO, of Bentley InnoMed GmbH

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Experienced MedTech developers are spearheading life-saving breakthroughs with innovative stents. 

Lars Sunnanväder and Sebastian Büchert are dedicated to improving quality of life for cardiac patients and saving the lives of those with aortic and peripheral diseases. Using Bentley InnoMed’s products, vascular repairs — on the rise with a growing aging population — can be performed through small incisions and under X-ray in an endovascular approach rather than the traditionally invasive open vascular surgery. This lowers the risk to patients and reduces their recovery time. 

In less than 10 years, Lars and Sebastian have developed Bentley into an international leader in MedTech innovation. Sebastian notes that improved imaging procedures enable the company to develop future stent generations. For 2025, Bentley plans to launch another stent family that will significantly shorten operation times and reduce radiation exposure for patients and medical staff. 

Today, Bentley is a market leader in many of the 80 countries where it is active. Lars and Sebastian have created a strong foundation for Bentley’s expansion to the United States and China, which will help more patients benefit from improved treatment methods.  

The company continues to reinvest its profits into benefiting its patients and its more than 400 employees. Its internal training academy, BeEducated, has helped fill more than 90% of emerging management positions internally, and all Bentley employees will become shareholders in the planned IPO. 

Curiosity and thinking out of the box are what really count. This is how we make progress.