Sérgio Silva

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Portugal
CEO of Vigent Group

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Sérgio Silva is making strides across diverse family businesses, from frozen fish to steel engineering.

Sérgio Silva is a second-generation leader and the visionary CEO behind a diverse group of family-owned businesses. His father and uncle founded the family’s original venture, metal fabricator Metalogalva, in 1971, but Sérgio charted his own course. With a Business Management degree under his belt, he established Brasmar, a company specializing in frozen fish distribution.  

Under Sérgio’s strategic steer, Brasmar has experienced significant growth and international expansion. His leadership mettle was tested in 2010 when he donned the CEO hat for Metalogalva amid challenging economic conditions. Faced with an industry crisis and over-reliance on the domestic market, Sérgio revamped strategies, invested in innovation and catapulted the company onto the international stage.  

He championed business diversification, applying Metalogalva’s steel engineering expertise to new verticals, including telecommunication towers and photovoltaic park structures. The impact was monumental, with exports rocketing from 7% in 2010 to 90% by 2023.  

Building on this success, Sérgio founded Vigent Group, a holding company that includes Metalogalva, Brasmar, a real estate asset development and management group, and a venture capital firm. Sérgio’s unwavering commitment to efficiency and relentless pursuit of international expansion underpin his strides in carving out long-term value. His leadership continues to exemplify resilience and innovation as Vigent Group looks toward the future. 

My entrepreneurial journey taught me resilience in the face of adversity, sharpened my strategic thinking and fostered a deep appreciation for the collaborative nature of success.