Si-Hyuk Bang

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, South Korea
Chairman of HYBE

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Si-Hyuk Bang is crafting top-notch music entertainment and elevating the fan experience.

Si-Hyuk Bang believes in providing comfort and joy through music, and he has thrilled millions of fans worldwide through his cultivation of artists such as 21st-century pop icon BTS. As the Chairman of HYBE and founder of its predecessor, Big Hit Entertainment, Si- Hyuk has led the company’s growth and expansion as both an ingenious producer and a visionary entrepreneur. 

Si-Hyuk's vision is for HYBE to be the world’s best music-based entertainment lifestyle platform. Under his leadership, HYBE continually develops new businesses addressing every aspect of entertainment: labels showcasing creativity centered around music and artists; developments in specialized areas like concerts, media content, intellectual property and games; and platforms connecting artists, fans, content and services. Several of these business lines integrate artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and gaming technologies as HYBE looks toward the future of entertainment.  

In 2021, Si- Hyuk established additional headquarters in the United States and Japan to bolster the company’s global expansion. He recently announced the company’s entry into the Latin music market through HYBE Latin America. Analysts credit Bang and HYBE for accelerating K-pop’s globalization, inspiring other Korean companies to follow suit and contribute further to industry growth.

I want to show people that a business can succeed when it lives up to its calling and does not stray off the path of integrity.