EY Bespoke Learning

EY Connect Learning prides itself in supporting our clients through education, continuing professional development and enhanced knowledge. Over the years we have developed training programmes which are specifically tailored according to the requirements of the client and in line with the industry to which they pertain.

Significant investment has been made in dedicated resources so that the EY Connect Learning education experience extends across the Working World and the business community. All the EY Connect Learning trainers are professionals with deep experience, first-hand knowledge on the subject matter, and a track record of consistent success in working closely within industries who can bring a relevant, stimulating and comprehensive experience to the learner.

Our training programmes are regularly updated to reflect changing trends and guidance, and cover a vast spectrum of topics. The programmes are also designed to increase engagement, allow for a higher degree of self-pacing, promote experiential learning and reflection and exposure to real life practical case studies whilst further enhancing participants’ skillset.

How it works

EY Connect Learning has a range of training programmes available to be delivered at your convenience. The programmes will be tailored to your organisation’s industry, and needs, and according to your specific requirements. We are able to offer physical, virtual or blended learning, using state-of-the-art technology. 


We've got your structured CPE covered

Our EY CPE Circuit annual subscription entitles the subscriber to an annual package of hours that meet your structured CPE requirements.


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