EY training on Demand

Introducing EY Connect e-Learning Courses!

We are pleased to inform you that EY Connect Learning has launched a brand new learning management system that can be set up specifically for your organisation’s needs.

How it works

1. Choose from a suite of readily available e-learning courses that are relevant to your organisation


2. Choose to have specifically developed e-learning around your organisation’s needs.

What to expect

  1. A self-paced approach able to support different user roles, departments, areas of interest, and specific learning plans or journeys incorporated for those different roles.
  2. Browse different content catalogues that will be made available according to their skill requirements or assigned learning.
  3. A great user experience, facilitating different styles of learning from online eLearning courses, comprehensive video support, assignments, assessments and surveys.
  4. View your teams’ dashboards and learning activities, to support their development by finding where skills gaps may be and assign specific learning content to people and roles to help address those gaps, supporting the up and re-skilling of your team.

Whether you are looking to develop mindset and skills, or equip your workforce with flexible learning and tools, we can help.

We would be delighted to organise a demo in order to show you the functionality of our system. Please contact us on eyevents@mt.ey.com today.

Did you know?

EY Connect Learning organises events and webinars on a regular basis Our EY CPE Circuit gives you access to an annual package of webinars that meet your structured CPE requirements. We offer a range of flexible courses that cater for various interests, at cost-effective group rates. We can also offer be-spoke sessions that specifically address your skills gap requirements. 

Contact us

Ediana Guillaumier  | EY Connect Learning Lead

Ediana has coordinated and project managed learning programmes, mobilising teams, resources and content, for the efficient delivery of high-quality courses. She has seamlessly transferred the offering to a virtual setting and successful organised training for large organisations.

Over the years, she has delivered various training sessions in Malta, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New York. Throughout her work, she has acted as a mentor and counsellor for staff, provided in-house training, facilitated events, participated in firm-wide initiatives, and actively contributed toward the firm’s learning developments. Ediana has also served as tutor and examiner at the University of Malta.

Ediana is a Certified Public Accountant, a Member of the Malta Institute of Accountants and a Certified Facilitator/Trainer for EY. Email: ediana.guillaumier@mt.ey.com