The EY CFO agenda

Grow, protect and transform your organization

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EY’s CFO agenda offers insights to help Chief Financial Officers grow, protect and transform their organization.

Through a combination of tools and resources, including web articles, videos, webcasts and events, we aim to assist CFOs as they navigate the challenges of the evolving business environment and adapt to the ever-changing scope of the CFO’s role. We also support the next generation of CFOs in their career development by providing insights on the future of finance leadership.


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Grow your top line

Against a backdrop of ongoing economic volatility in many locations, CFOs must build the business case for new growth opportunities to increase the top line and create shareholder value.

Protect your organization

The flipside of growth is risk, and it is the CFO’s role to strike the right balance between the two. As competitive pressures and technological developments force companies to innovate, the CFO must manage the resulting financial, regulatory and reputational risks.

Transform your operations

The rate of change for businesses has never been so great, and CFOs are constantly facing new opportunities and risks. To keep pace, CFOs must lead the transformations that enable their organization to adapt, save costs and increase the top line.

High-performing CFO

As a CFO, you are constantly facing new demands and challenges, including market volatility, shifting demand patterns, rising cost bases and ongoing globalization – just to name a few.

To help support you in this changing landscape, we offer insights into the specific events you are likely to encounter.

Topics include:

  • How to manage an investment portfolio across diverse markets
  • How to deal with the media
  • How to manage hidden costs in rapid-growth markets
  • How to partner with your peers to drive organizational performance

Digital confidence

Digital is a megatrend that is fundamentally changing how organizations do business. Today’s CFOs are challenged to understand their organization’s digital readiness, adapt their business model and unlock their digital potential to grow, protect and transform their business.

CFO Career Journey

Your role as a CFO has become more high profile and increasingly diverse. As a result, the skills and experiences required to attain a group, divisional or regional CFO role have become more difficult to obtain.

With this backdrop in mind, we provide insights that span your career journey, including:

  • How aspiring CFOs can prepare for the role
  • How CFOs can help prepare their successor
  • What the CFO role entails today, and how it is evolving
  • Next steps for CFOs outside of finance