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Helping next generation decision-makers to achieve, advance and excel in trusted C-suite and Board positions in family enterprise and private capital.

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EY NextGen Academy Disruptive Tech Program

EY NextGen is for leaders operating in conditions unique to family enterprise and private capital. It focuses on building knowledge and performance as an owner while developing a strategic mindset and leadership acumen to navigate the disruptive and ever-changing global business landscape.

The EY organization mission is to serve future-forward nextgens so that they can confidently advance and thrive in their positions of trust – whether in C-suite, Boards or both.

EY NextGen is a global leadership platform built on three pillars:

EY NextGen 3 Pillars

EY NextGen Academy
An executive learning program to enhance the performance and impact of nextgen leaders.

EY NextGen 3 Pillars

EY NextGen Forum
in-person and virtual events tailored for nextgen leaders.

EY NextGen 3 Pillars

EY NextGen NetworkA global membership community where peers can connect and share professional insights and best practice.

Disruptive Tech Program – stay agile in uncertain times

Do you have or are about to have a decision-making operational or managerial role in your family enterprise? EY teams can help you prepare to make disruptive technologies work for you. In response to the exponential pace at which businesses are being impacted by advancing technology, EY NextGen Academy designed a unique executive education program to empower nextgen family enterprise leaders. 

Join us for five days in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley where you will experience disruptive technology and its influence on industry transformation and the family enterprise.  

In an interactive environment and guided by a hand-picked team of Silicon Valley trailblazers and EY professionals, you will understand how to visualize and map your family enterprise’s next decade and beyond. 

  • Boot camp to navigate disruption: Encounter the power of disruptive tech and discover the implications for your family business and its various stakeholders
  • Think like futurist: Contextualize the latest technological advances to stay agile in uncertain times
  • Mentored by game-changers: Engage first-hand with Silicon Valley trailblazers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, family enterprise specialists and academic faculty as speakers and program contributors
  • Connect with your peers: Network with global participants with different roles and professional backgrounds in family enterprise who share your values and are committed to staying ahead of the curve

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EY NextGen Academy Disruptive Tech Program

Preparing nextgen leaders to thrive in the era of disruption.

Aerial view of the bay bridge in San Francisco

Board Professional Program – performance in strategic decision-making

Are you serving or considering serving on a private or family-linked board, including in family business, family office or family foundation? EY teams can help you build on your board acumen and performance.

Over the course of two modules in the United States and France, participants discover how they can bring value to both the board and the family enterprise.

The first module takes place in an innovation hub where participants explore how boards can stay engaged with change, keep abreast of technology and megatrends, and understand the transformation of industries and its effects on the competitive landscape.

The second module tackles traditional board-related matters, from overseeing corporate and family governance to navigating conflicts and delivering strategic advice to management.

Join us in San Francisco/Palo Alto and Paris/Fontainebleau, for the in-person EY NextGen Academy Board Professional Program, where you will:

  • Explore advanced governance topics while preparing for a future shaped by innovation and disruption.
  • Professionalize your approach to serving on boards, advising the management team, and bringing value to ownership.
  • Discover how to use your unique point of view to refresh the board’s thinking and foster a culture of innovation.
  • Learn how to effectively serve the board’s interests and balance them with the family’s desires related to board composition, member rotation and length of service.

INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest executive business schools, will join as the global academic collaborator, complementing EY professionals’ extensive experience and knowhow.

What do our alumni have to say about EY NextGen?

Photographic portrait of Carla Venesio
It’s a great opportunity to talk with people from different parts of the world and also from different industries about issues that are incredibly common with you.
Photographic portrait of Douglas McAlpine
I had a number of issues that I was able to share and ask others about. Their advice directly impacted the way I approached the situation.

Skills and vision to excel in positions of trust

The 2020s mark the decade of succession. Significant transitions in ownership and leadership are taking shape worldwide as the current generation in power gradually passes the baton to you, the next-generation leader.


In private ownership, however, transitions are often complex and come with increased expectations from the business and the family. Finding a balance requires knowledge and vision.

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