Eduardo della Maggiora and Cristóbal della Maggiora

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2022, Chile
Eduardo della Maggiora, Founder and CEO of Betterfly and Cristóbal della Maggiora, Co-founder and President of Betterfly

First Latam Social Unicorn Betterfly turns people’s good habits into good deeds.

Ninety percent of families in Latin America don’t have life insurance. So, when Eduardo and Cristóbal della Maggiora lost their father as children, the brothers had to deal with the financial consequences. As adults, they vowed to provide access to crucial life insurance and to help those less fortunate. In 2018, they launched Betterfly, a tech platform that helps people manage their mental, physical and financial well-being. 

The platform also rewards healthy habits with charitable donations and additional life insurance coverage to the user. To date, the company has donated more than 3000 000 million meals to children in need and has proved that a company driven by purpose can create impressive social, environmental and financial returns. Betterfly is now Latin America’s fastest- growing insurtech — the company has grown to a team of over 500 people across 17 countries — and its first social unicorn.  

Through Betterfly, the brothers made a commitment to create an impact-first company and put social purpose at the center of everything they do, with a business model that considers a “triple bottom line”—  people, planet and profit. Eduardo and Cristóbal say social purpose is the key to their success. “We have a clear vision which inspires us every day: To build a world in which every person is financially protected and empowered to live their best life.” 

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