Rafał Brzoska

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2022, Poland
Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost Group

Rafał Brzoska is on a mission to make online shopping and delivery an environmentally conscious experience.

Rafał Brzoska, also known as Poland’s “Locker King,” began building his logistics empire more than two decades ago. His first entrepreneurial venture was distributing leaflets, which over time led him to directly challenge the state-run Polish Post. Rafał soon realized that the door-to-door delivery model was not sustainable. Disrupting the industry in 2009, InPost introduced a network of innovative Paczkomaty self-service lockers. This network model offers package recipients more flexibility and control of their parcel deliveries. It is also more environmentally friendly as locker use is estimated to reduce both C02 emissions from vehicle deliveries by 75% and traffic congestion caused by courier vehicles. 

Rafał’s success, however, was not without challenges. In 2016, InPost was on the brink of bankruptcy due to the government’s re-monopolization of the Polish postal market. A testament to his agility and tenacity, Rafał refocused on the e-commerce market and secured a financial investor. In January 2021, InPost debuted on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange in what was the biggest listing by a European technology company in the continent’s history. Today, 81% of online shoppers in Poland use InPost parcel lockers, and the company is expanding into Europe with a network of 40,000 pick-up locations. 

As Europe faces a growing humanitarian crisis, Rafał is not standing on the sidelines. He is offering InPost logistics resources free of charge — including hundreds of trucks and thousands of staff. These are intended to support the work of a humanitarian organization in moving much-needed supplies to reach refugees throughout Poland. 

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