Torben Dalgaard and Bent Dalgaard

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Denmark

Torben Dalgaard, Co-Founder and CEO, and Bent Dalgaard, Co-Founder and CTO, of Dalux

Share the joy of Torben Dalgaard and Bent Dalgaard’s winning moment at Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Denmark.

Two Danish brothers are modernizing the construction process through digitalization.

Brothers Torben and Bent Dalgaard are helping to modernize our built environment — the physical elements of where we live and work — while making it more sustainable, one building site at a time. They are the founders of Dalux, a construction software company that simplifies the building process and minimizes waste.

Bent, the CTO, and Torben, the CEO, grew up on a farm in a small Danish city and learned the farmer’s mindset from a very young age: never spend any money you haven’t earned. Dalux has never had investors, and the brothers have never borrowed any money to drive growth.

Their software is centered around a 3D visualization engine developed in-house that is leveraged by 700,000 users in 147 countries. The user-friendly software slashes the amount of time and material required in building and makes it simple to adopt and implement within an organization. Dalux is now Europe’s market leader in 3D-based system support for the construction industry, and the company has started a global adventure with offices in 22 countries and counting. It has experienced organic growth of 60% every year since 2015.  

The brothers are bringing a disruptive mentality to one of the last sectors to embrace digital technology, accelerating a global drive to reimagine how projects are constructed and how built assets are managed so that our environment is more sustainable. 

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