Kristjan Maruste 

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Estonia
Founder of Kõu Mobility Group and CEO of Äike 

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Kristjan Maruste is carving out a path for micromobility with e-bikes and e-scooters.

Kristjan Maruste, Founder of Kõu Mobility Group and CEO of Äike, hopes to make the world a happier — and cleaner — place. Kõu Mobility Group is currently the world’s leading developer of micromobility solutions and manufacturer of eco-friendly e-scooters.  

While studying mechatronics at Tallinn University of Technology, Kristjan joined the student formula team and led the development of one of the world’s best formula cars, winning several competitions in 2012. To build their first e-formula car, the team produced a business idea and won prize money from Prototron Fund, which they used to buy battery elements. The e-formula car melted down right before the finish line, but they decided that the business idea still might work. That was the start of Comodule and Kõu Mobility Group.   

Kõu Mobility is the parent company of Comodule, Tuul, Äike and Ampler. Comodule’s IoT solutions allow electric vehicles to be connected to and managed over the internet. The Tuul (translation: the wind) e-scooter produced by the Comodule group is extremely eco-friendly, as 42% of the e-scooter is manufactured from recycled materials and 90% of the materials can be recycled later. Äike (translation: the thunder) sells e-scooters and accessories to the EU and UK markets. Ampler is an e-bike company.    

Kristjan and his employees are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint as they strive to fulfill the company’s mission of empowering emission-less transport.  

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